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Agronomy Manager


The job profile provides information to be used in a wide range of Human Resource decisions such as job evaluation, recruitment and selection, performance management, succession management and training and development.

The information in this job profile is based directly on the input provided by the Subject Matter Experts during facilitation of a Job Analysis session by a trained Consultant.

Main Purpose

To manage the Agronomy Operations for Alliance One Zambia to achieve yield and quality index targets maintaining CTI crop throw and following AOI Leaf Production Policies and Procedures.

1 – Key Performance AREA (Objective): Weight: 15%

Agronomy planning, budget and reporting

Key performance indicators

  • Evaluates, reviews, plans, forecasts and develops the 3 to 5 year Agronomy operational plan, and agrees all targets with the General Manager to ensure Agronomy Operations are in line with the Alliance One Zambia [AOZ] and AOI Agronomy SOP’s
  • Evaluates and reviews the overall requirements and human resources, technology and time frames for Agronomy Operations annually for AOZ
  • Forecasts and develops a specific 3 to 5 year operational plan, which includes production targets, inputs distribution, sustainability projects, numbers and training of staff and farmers and STP and submits this for approval by the General Manager and inclusion in the Strategic AOP for Zambia
  • Translates and devolves the long term plan into the annual operating plan for Agronomy for approval of the Directors and for inclusion into the Annual Operating Plan
  • 2 Prepares, monitors and maintains the financial budget for the Agronomy Sustainability for approval by the General Manager in line with the AOI and AOZ Finance and Accounting Policies
  • Meets Heads of Sections to plan and create section budgets inclusive of CAPEX and operating costs annually
  • Prepares the overall Agronomy annual budget for approval by the Directors and inclusion into the AOI Zambia budget
  • Checks and monitors the implementation of the budget through the Section Heads, reviews monthly expense reports to identify budget variances and takes appropriate action
  • Inspects and checks that stocks and issues are being maintained and disbursed according to plan and in line with Zambia controls, checks and balances
  • Recommends the write off Bad Debt Provisions based on final season reports on recoveries as compiled by the Agronomy Leaf Administrator in Planning and Logistics Department
  • Authorizes and approves payments towards service providers and contractors based on quotes and prevailing costs
  • Coordinates the relevant documents and attends respective Tender Committee sessions
  • 3 Prepares and submits monthly Corporate, customer crop, customer quarterly reports, on line self assessment reports and annual crop reports and submits these to relevant recipients copied to the General Manager, as per AOI Statutory Reporting
  • Reviews and submits to the General Manager the following reports:
  • Monthly Corporate on line reports for Zambia submitted to the Head Office in the USA
  • Monthly Customer Crop reports submitted to the General Manager and Regional Office for approval and onward transmission to the Customer
  • Quarterly report for Customers which includes production data, CoP data, ALP data, reforestation data, other crops and GAP
  • On line GAP self assessment reports for ABsSTaine
  • Annual crop reports for Customers and AOZ and all other relevant Agronomy reports

2 – Key Performance AREA (Objective): Weight: 30 %

Stakeholder and farmer relationships

Key Performance INDICATORS

  • Develops and maintains stakeholder relationships through related education in line with the Crop Calendar, discussion groups, and monitoring community and local Government issues to support general community and local Government as per AOI Public Relations Policies
  • Develops and builds stakeholder and farmer relationships by visiting farmers on a monthly basis, educating the farmers in the GAP principles, ensuring sustainable tobacco production;
  • Plans and conducts farmer discussion groups according to Crop Calendar/Crop Development
  • Builds and maintains relations with Agronomy staff in other Companies to ensure sustainable tobacco production throughout Zambia
  • Monitors general community and local Government issues on the ground, advises the General Manager and the Regional Directors on developments and possible courses of action
  • Represents AO Zambia with Government and Local Authorities, AOI Region, Community and relevant Stakeholders

4 – Key Performance AREA (Objective): Weight: 20%


Key Performance INDICATORS

  • Builds stakeholder relationships through incorporation of CEP, develops STP/Sustainability Program, prepares for self- evaluation and represents AOZ Agronomy on STP issues with key stakeholders in compliance with AOI STP
  • Ensures the incorporation of the three Agricultural pillars, Crop, Environment and People through the Agronomy Departmental team
  • Develops the STP/Sustainability Program for the Agronomy Team, and distributes the plan to each line manager, and enforces the implementation of this through the weekly and monthly reports
  • Identifies opportunities for STP practices and environmental sustainability in day to day operations and checks that the relevant Agronomy personnel have incorporated these
  • Prepares for self-evaluation and audit annually
  • Represents AOZ Agronomy on STP issues, for example ALP with Local NGO’s, Forestry – Government
  • Monitors Regional AOI STP to ensure compliance
  • Promotes and updates awareness on environmental issues and programs (for example STP Programme)
  • Liaises with other merchant companies with STP/sustainability assessments and agronomy inspections
  • Monitors the establishment of woodlots with the Forestry Officer
  • Builds and maintains customer relationships by conducting field visits, providing background information and customer reports and entertaining customers in line with AOI Customer Relations Procedures
  • Liaises with customers and third parties regarding STP/Sustainability assessments and agronomy inspections
  • Builds and maintains Customer Relationships, including Auditors on behalf of Customers, through conducting field visits, providing background information and customer reports and entertaining customers
  • Ensures the implementation of the SHE Policies and Regulations throughout Agronomy through the Agronomy field staff
  • Ensures the implementation of the SHE Policies and Regulations throughout Agronomy through the Agronomy field staff

5 – Key Performance AREA (Objective): Weight: 5%

1 Management of the agronomy field staff

Key Performance INDICATORS

  • Liaises with the Human Resources Coordinator where appropriate and manages the Agronomy Staff and resources to ensure that efficient and effective Agronomy services and assistance are provided to the Business in line with AOZ Strategy
  • Liaises with the HR Coordinator and develops the necessary plan/s to ensure that the Department meets its agreed goals and objectives, meets departmental staff on a weekly basis, identifies and agrees key performance areas, key objectives/tasks and action plans
  • Overviews, updates and maintains the departmental organisation structure
  • Carries out evaluation of staff, identifies performance strengths and weaknesses, and arranges for necessary action (for example further on the job training)
  • Ensures that members of staff are being rewarded equitably and that the requisite human resource policies, procedures and systems are in place and are being followed accurately.
  • Job Requirements


  • Formal Qualifications Required
  • Essential / Desirable
  • Degree in Agriculture, Environment and Natural Sciences from a recognised Tertiary Institute Essential
  • Post Graduate Degree in Business Management, Agriculture or similar
  • Desirable


  • Job Related Experience Required Time Span Essential / Desirable
  • Tobacco and agronomic production experience 8 to 10 years Essential

Knowledge Areas

Job Related Knowledge Required Essential / Desirable

  • Tobacco production Essential
  • Agronomic expertise Essential
  • Budgeting and financial control Essential
  • Government, STP, farmer, customer and stakeholder relationships and the impact to AOZ
  • Essential


Job Related Skills Required

Essential / Desirable

  • Ability to analyse, solve related problems and make accurate decisions Essential
  • Team leadership, interpersonal skills and results orientated Essential
  • Written and verbal communication Essential
  • Ability to plan and organise work on a monthly, quarterly, bi annual and annual basis Essential
  • Ability to innovate and manage change Essential


Professional Membership Required

Essential / Desirable

Member of relevant Environmental/Agronomy/Agricultural Association in Zambia


Impact of Responsibility:

  • The impact of responsibility focuses on the nature and impact of decision making and responsibility of resources.
  • Field
  • Detail

Responsibility for Resources

Total crop production 8-10 million kgs, and overviews approximately 2,000 farmers

Approximately USD X million annual budget

Decision Making



Functional Impact Organisation/Community

Average time frame for a wrong decision to be detected Weeks

Average time frame that it requires to correct an error once it is discovered


Consultant use only: Comments

Supervision / Coordination of People and Work

Number of people

Number of jobs 126

Consultant use only: Comments 6

Complexity of Tasks

Level of task complexity

Problem solving is complex and requires the prediction of success of various possible solutions

Consultant use only: Comments

Field Detail

Variety of Tasks


Is required to comprehend the business operations within own and other departments

Consultant use only: Comments

Degree of Precision


Moderate precision (precision is within a range)

How to apply

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