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At First Quantum, we free the talent of our people by taking a very different approach which is underpinned by a very different, very definite culture – the “First Quantum Way”.

Working with us is not like working anywhere else, which is why we recruit people who will take a bolder, smarter approach to spot opportunities, solve problems and deliver results.

Our culture is all about encouraging you to think independently and to challenge convention to deliver the best result. That’s how we continue to achieve extraordinary things in extraordinary locations.

Job description:


Operate a variety of drill rigs such as rotary, churn, and pneumatic to remove core samples during mineral exploration or soil testing, and to facilitate the use of explosives in mining or construction. May use explosives. Includes horizontal and earth boring machine operators.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Select and attach drill bits and drill rods, adding more rods as hole depths increase, and changing drill bits as needed.
  • Perform routine maintenance and upgrade work on machines and equipment, such as building up drill bits and lubricating machinery and identify and accurately report faults, defects and damages on the machine to supervisor or mechanic.
  • Operate controls to stabilize machines and to position and align drills.
  • Regulate air pressure, rotary speed, and downward pressure, according to the type of rock or concrete being drilled.
  • Operate machines to flush earth cuttings or to blow dust from holes.
  • Assemble and position machines, augers, casing pipes, and other equipment, using hand and power tools.
  • Drill or bore holes in rock for blasting, grouting, anchoring, or building foundations.
  • Verify depths and alignments of boring positions.
  • Start, stop, and control drilling speed of machines and insertion of casings into holes.
  • Record drilling progress and geological data.
  • Drive trucks, tractors, or truck-mounted drills to and from work sites.
  • Select the appropriate drill for the job, using knowledge of rock or soil conditions.
  • Monitor drilling operations, checking gauges and listening to equipment to assess drilling conditions and to determine the need to adjust drilling or alter equipment.
  • Retrieve lost equipment from bore holes, using retrieval tools and equipment.


  • Full Grade Twelve (12) School Certificate
  • Certificate of competence in drill operations
  • First Aid Certificate


  • At least two (2) years’ hands on experience working with Pantera drill rigs

Method of Application

Submit your CV and application on company website:

Application deadline
19 Nov 14:59
Apply online

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