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Training Facilitator at United Nations World Food Programme

Training Facilitator

  • Full Time
  • Lusaka, Zambia
  • Salary: 000
  •  June 2, 2019

WebsiteUnited Nations World Food Programme

Call for Applications: Conducting training to the Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network (SBN) Members

General Context

The Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network (SBN) is a global movement facilitated by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). The SUN Business Network in Zambia is an Initiative co-convened by the WFP and the National Food and Nutrition Commission (NFNC).

Its purpose is to strengthen the private sectors engagement and contribution in the national nutrition agenda, contribute for improved nutrition status of the Zambian consumers, and improve business opportunities for private sector. In order to achieve its vision through its key priority areas of increasing supply, driving demand for nutritious foods and creating a more enabling environment for improved nutrition, the SBN invites applications from qualified training facilitator (s)/consultants to train the network members in different need identified areas.

Overall goal and purpose of the training

Based on the training assessment needs, tailor-made training courses on Partnership and Nutrition Business Management should be designed and delivered, with the aim of strengthening the capacity of beneficiaries to manage their organizations and increase the effectiveness of their development activities, and there by contribute for increased supply of nutritious food production in Zambia.

The trainer is to strengthen the members capacities by providing each participant with the skills (technical and methodological knowledge, attitudes and skills) needed for partnerships and managing businesses in the nutrition context.

Expected results of the training

  • Improved awareness and understanding on the relevance of partnership and business management nutrition in the context of business; and
  • Improved contribution and participation by the private sectors towards the SBN.

The Training Consultant is expected to undertake the training in a day for a start and depending on the outcome responses from the members, will be engaged in future for such and similar trainings that the members will require. The trainer is expected to provide a final training report in English to be structured as follows (to be shared with the SBN members and WFP/SBN/NFNC five days after the actual training):

  • Context of the activity;
  • Objectives;
  • Participants;
  • Organization of the training;
  • Development of the training session;
  • Methodology;
  • Workshop delivery;
  • Evaluation of the session.


The Training Consultant will report to the SBN Manager

Duty Station

The duty station for the consultants will be Lusaka Office, Zambia. The assignment is expected to commence in June 2019.

Qualifications and Skills

The consultant should have at least a Masters Degree in relevant fields, and should have sufficient experience in the preferred training areas involving businesses/private sector enterprise, nutrition and stakeholder engagements. In addition, an excellent knowledge of business presentation, Team coaching, Good Command of English language – written and spoken, is required.

Application process

Interested consultants/trainers who are sufficiently experienced and/or qualified should submit applications which include a detailed proposal of how they intend to carry out the training (methodology, draft training content/outline and plan training), together with a suitable CV and proposed budget.

The Consultant(s)/Trainer(s) must indicate the area(s) of expertise that they can facilitate/train in from the list described in the below table. The facilitator can also suggest other training areas in addition to the below, and this is to allow for possible future trainings in other area(s) other than what is currently sought for.

  • Relevant Specialization
  • Level of Proficiency
  • Partnerships, Networking and Business Management
  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • Packaging and Branding
  • Food safety, Storage and Distribution
  • Market Access
  • Food Quality and Processing
  • Access to Finance
  • Network marketing and Sales Activations
  • Food standards, Certification Regulations
  • Others (Please specify)

The consultant/facilitator is encouraged to submit evidence of previous similar assignments, and  contactable reference.

All applications to be sent to;

The Human Resource Unit, World Food Programme; Plot No. 10/4971, Tito Road, Rhodes Park

P.O Box 37726, Lusaka – Zambia.

To apply please visit www1.wfp.org.

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