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Supply Chain Manager Needed at BAT

Supply Chain Manager Needed at BAT

Supply Chain Manager needed at British American Tobacco Zambia

Our new colleague will manage the Supply and delivery of a consistent and timely flow of all company inputs (Materials, Machinery, spares, sundry items, etc) and services at optimal prices, quantity and quality from approved sources whilst ensuring effective inventory management in order to ensure smooth operations across the organization. The role is responsible for the development of sourcing strategies and enhancement of partnership / collaboration with reputable suppliers to achieve optimisation in direct and indirect purchases for the BAT Group companies.

The jobs aims to develop/implement policies and procedures and guidelines in line with the strategic objectives of the business and effectively manage the key processes of the integrated Supply Chain (Logistics, Procurement, Facilities & Fleet and inventory management), in a manner that best utilises the company’s resources. The job also aims to optimize the Supply Chain (local and exports) by balancing erratic market demand for products with stable supply.

Principal Accountabilities:

Operational Accountabilities:

  • Ensure quality inputs (Directs and Indirects) and services are procured at the right price and delivered in good condition to meet internal customer requirements OTIF. These inputs must be packaged/ transported safely and to eliminate the risk of loss to the company (adequately insured if imports e.g. Directs).
  • Plan and prepare processes/ methodology aimed at improving service delivery and cost base. Set clear parameters, appraisal systems and formulate procedures to address the performance gaps
  • Ensure the elements affecting the Supply Chain E.g. Inventory policies, Lead times etc are documented and monitored/reviewed periodically for accuracy.
  • Drive the Sales &Operations Planning process and ensure the importance/impact of accurate forecasting is emphasised and the risk of over/under stocking is highlighted – lost sales & write-off.
  • Develop and implement supplier partnership, collaboration and evaluation processes. Manage the supplier rationalization programme effectively to optimize the supplier base thereby enabling the development of long term “win-win” relationship that result in supply chain costs being driven down and optimized. Maintain an updated list of suppliers of inputs and services
  • Periodic Supplier evaluations conducted in line with British American Tobacco best practice.
  • Develop and enforce tendering procedures and policies, ensure that a tender committee is in place to achieve cross-functional involvement in the awarding of tenders.
  • Ensure company policies and procedures are followed e.g. approval of requisitions before the raising of orders/payments, EHS etc. All quotations must be scrutinized to ensure best value for money and that we receive exactly what we ordered.
  • Maximise utilisation of the SAP/ERP system so that data is accurately captured (i.e. orders, receipts, costs, etc) to encourage accurate product costing and an efficient system- e.g. payments.
  • Drive for Productivity Savings across the business
  • Maintain effectives Warehousing standards ensuring effective Infestation management/Housekeeping/FIFO etc
  • Environment Health Safety must be a key focus

Leadership Accountabilities:

  • Always provide the Supply Chain organisation with direction and priorities ensuring “line of sight” with BAT Business and SC strategy. Act as role model for the Supply Chain team by living the values of BAT and by being performance/target oriented
  • Develop a high-performance culture in the SC organisation by coaching and training staff effectively to achieve the full potential of the team
  • Manage and develop skill levels of the S.C human resource for appropriate development and succession planning and future prospects.

Management Accountabilities:

  • Establish and implement Logistics & Procurement strategies in line with the Global / EEMEA strategies, ensure updated approval limits (e.g. purchase values) are in place and inculcate a commercial culture across all the functions of the business
  • Constantly looks at opportunities to reduce primary supply chain costs e.g. on price, specifications, handling, rationalization etc and ensure any proposed changes are communicated to key stakeholders (internal and external) for acceptance before any changes are made.
  • Ensure Supply Chain input in all company contracts, by fully taking into account the commercial aspects of these contracts thereby ensuring the company interests are safeguarded and the best value is obtained. Maintain a list of all key supplier contracts showing responsible persons/department and ensure reviews are done at least once a year.
  • Develop/Monitor performance targets to monitor the “health” of the SC ensuring that these KPIs are being achieved & exceeded.
  • Continuously review the SC Chain organisation to ensure it works efficiently and effectively
  • Work with Regional Planning team on Purchase/Production & Stockholding forecasts and budgets providing necessary input into Financial statements i.e. P & L(cost) /Cash flow(Purchases/Receipts) and Balance Sheet(Stocks). Participate in the company budgeting process
  • Maintain an effective control environment in the SC function and related areas both internal and external ensuring BAT best practise is applied in all business dealings.

Relationship Accountabilities:

  • As a member of the various internal teams ensure active participation to enable business/cultural development across the organisation.
  • Ensure constant interaction with external stakeholders e.g. Revenue Authority-Customs division, Clearing and Forwarding agents, Customers (Internal & External)
  • Effectively support of the Regional Planning team by regular contact with the relevant above market staff as will be required

Knowledge/skills &Attributes:

  • Degree in Business or Engineering
  • At least 5 years’ experience in a large manufacturing /distribution concern, at middle/senior management level.
  • Good communication and instructional skills,
  • Credibility and management experience to deal with people at a variety of levels.
  • Ability to instil a culture of continuous improvement
  • Commercial skills e.g. negotiation, communication (both oral and written) and numerate with the ability the produce quantitative evaluations e.g. on savings
  • Team worker with the ability to establish positive relations both internally and externally
  • Good Knowledge of SAP systems

Method of Application

Submit your CV and application on company website:

Application deadline
2 Oct 11:56
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