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#IWD2021: From Ashesi, to General Electric, to Harvard Business School

#IWD2021: From Ashesi, to General Electric, to Harvard Business School

Born and raised in Ghana, alumna Abena Nyantekyi-Owusu saw “the impact that business and the private sector have on developing nations.” After graduating from Ashesi University, she pursued a dynamic career at General Electric where she fulfilled multiple roles. “I worked on products and solutions that contribute to development and are crucial for growth.”

Abena began with GE’s medical and health care device divisions, serving as a business analyst responsible for “increasing growth and market share” in West & Central Africa. When she became an account manager driving sales, she realized that her customers – health providers – needed much more than point products. “They’re looking for holistic solutions,” Abena says. “They want the full package: credit, financing, facility design, training and logistics – everything that can favorably impact clinical outcomes.

As she transitioned again into a project development manager, Abena worked with “clinical teams to bring solutions to life.” It was at this point that the desire for an MBA emerged.

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