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Ashesi’s Class of 2024 by the numbers

Ashesi’s Class of 2024 by the numbers

With all applicants who experienced delays in high school exams now enrolled, the entire Class of 2024 officially started their journey at Ashesi with the commencement of online classes in January. Overall, the class comprises 332 students, representing approximately 21% of all applicants for 2020 admissions period.



“Our admissions season last year was an unusual one, with the entire admissions team working from home and engaging with applicants remotely,” says Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Araba Botchway. “It taught us new ways to support the many students who apply to Ashesi each year and help them understand our community. We saw some of our strongest applications this year, and I am excited about the potential the Class of 2024 is bringing to Ashesi and their eventual growth here.”



Approximately 45% of the class is receiving need-based scholarships, with 31% receiving full scholarships thanks to university partners. Forty-five percent of the class are women, and women represent 38% of students in Engineering specifically.



Students in the Class of 2024 will also be bringing the diversity of 19 different nationalities with them, bringing the number of countries represented at Ashesi to 31. Excluding students from Ghana, who make up 84% of the class, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Rwanda, and the United States have the largest student representation.



“When I got out of Secondary school, I wished I had been able to practise more of the theory I learned,” says Aaron Waja ’24. ⁣”Taking a gap year made me realise this even more, and when I was applying for college, I wanted to be at a place that focuses on practical learning. That was my motivation to apply here. Ashesi, to me, is that place.”

With the University restricting campus visits and most activity remaining virtual, the Admissions & Financial Aid Office will continue fully engaging online with students considering applying to Ashesi for the Class of 2025. The admissions window will be open through August 19th, with the deadline for early applications being March 25th, 2021.

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