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Dr. Mary Anti Chama Receives Suffrage Science Award

Dr. Mary Anti Chama Receives Suffrage Science Award

Dr. Mary Anti Chama, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, has been nominated to receive the prestigious Suffrage Science Award in the Engineering and Physical Sciences.

The Suffrage Science Awards Scheme, founded by the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS), celebrates women in science for their outstanding scientific research, communication work, and support for women in STEM. The awards scheme is divided into three branches: life sciences, engineering and physical sciences and maths and computing. Each branch has two associated pieces of jewellery, which are passed on from one awardee to the next. The current holder of the award chooses the recipient of the jewellery.

Professor Melinda Duer, University of Cambridge, who nominated Dr. Mary Anti Chama, remarked: “I have known Mary since she was a Cambridge-Africa Research Fellow in Cambridge. She impressed me then with how she approached interdisciplinary science and brought in whatever techniques she needed in her quest to find new pharmaceutical compounds in plants. She has continued to impress me as she has developed her science and brought in new collaborators. She has been a champion for women in science throughout her career and supportive of students and younger colleagues alike.”

Dr. Mary Anti Chama and eleven other awardees were honoured at an online celebration on Monday, March 8, 2021 during the tenth anniversary of the awards scheme.

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