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Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria



Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is growing really big, affiliate marketing simply means promoting or selling promoting someone’s product for an agreed commission, it could be a physical or a digital product or rather we can say Affiliate marketing simply means recommending or promoting a useful product to a group of people who need that particular product and can also afford it. Affiliate marketing in Nigeria has found it”s root mostly among the Nigerian youths.



The post you are about to read will change your life forever.


How to generate 200k at least monthly as a newbie using your smartphone



You are welcome to these live transforming blog post on how to generate 200k monthly at least using your smartphone, i say at least because i make much more and a lot of people are doing much more with their smartphones.

who am I? and why should you listen to me, I am Silva Ugochukwu Amadi, an online Marketer, and currently i have made $13, 232 selling promotions on Instagram, below are some of the proofs of payments i received.



My life changed in November 2019 ,when a fresh graduate introduced me to Instagram promotion selling before then i was a fresh graduate who was staying in a store converted to a boy’s quarter been that i had no money, we were two sharing the room, then i didn’t have the privilege of sleeping on a Foam, what i had was an old couch that i was managing with bedbugs but fast forward to 2022/2023, i have been able to rent a flat in an Estate and also support my family and loved ones.

Few months ago in 2022, i discovered a business model that have been making me money on demand just like the cash machine and these business can actually make you 200k at least on your smartphone from the comfort of your home, below are some payments i received.

Testimonials from Affiliate marketing.


Payment recieved on Affiliate marketing


Seeing that many people are struggling these time i have decided to share these business model with you and also teach you till you start making money to that effect I have a prepared a you tube webinar to help as many people that want to change their financial life, but please before you come through, these is no ponzi or investment scheme, get quick rich scheme, if you are someone who likes the schemes i mentioned above, these business model is not for you,  if you are also someone who think all online business are Scam ,please stop reading and close these page, but if you are someone who have been searching for a legitimate way to make money, someone who is tired of living the Naija condition way, then congratulations because your life is about to be transformed, here is a YouTube webinar that introduces you into Affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

click on the link below

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3 Things you need as a Beginner in Affiliate Marketing.

  •  A Platform 
  •  A Training guide/course
  •  A smartphone 

What is a Platform.

An Affiliate platform is a website or a place where you register or sign up to have access to different products so you can pick and begin to promote as a Registered Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing Platforms in Nigeria.

1. Stake cut – This is affiliate marketing platform that is home to about 69 digital products, these platform gives you the opportunity to promote products to people outside Nigeria to other  African countries like ghana, cameroun, zambia and lots more.

2. Expertnaire – This is actually the biggest Affiliate platform in Nigeria, and the platform launched in 2019 and since then they have paid billions of naira to Affiliate as commissions for sales.

3. Selar – This is also a Affiliate platform where you can gain access to lots of digital products.


Training Course

Affiliate marketing is the next oil well even with that you need to learn how it is done, the skill is considered a high income skill as the industry is worth over $12 billion. 

For a easy understanding to make crazy sales, you will want to get the AIP Blueprint, a course which is the script of the No 1 female Affiliate in Nigeria, all her secrets lies within and AIP blueprint is selling for just #30000, though new reaching us is the price will be increased any moment from now.

A Smartphone

A phone which can navigate the internet operate Facebook and whats app is highly recommended.


For a full knowledge on how to kickstart your Affiliate marketing business ,Click on the link below to watch A Webinar on Affiliate Marketing


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Testimonials on AIP Blueprint for Affiliate Marketing


Click on the link below to watch a Free webinar. 


Give me access to webinar





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