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Affiliate marketing for beginners


Affiliate marketing for beginners



Affiliate marketing for beginners can be a bit confusing especially when you don’t have a guide or a coach. Do you actually want to know how to make 750k with your smartphone in Nigeria, How much income is ENOUGH for you in Nigeria?*



The post you are about to read will change your life forever.


How to generate 200k at least monthly as a newbie using your smartphone



You are welcome to these live transforming blog post on how to generate 200k monthly at least using your smartphone, i say at least because i make much more and a lot of people are doing much more with their smartphones.

who am I? and why should you listen to me, I am Silva Ugochukwu Amadi, an online Marketer, and currently i have made $13, 232 selling promotions on Instagram, below are some of the proofs of payments i received.




Testimonials from Affiliate marketing.


Payment recieved on Affiliate marketing


Seeing that many people are struggling these time i have decided to share these business model with you and also teach you till you start making money to that effect I have a prepared a you tube webinar to help as many people that want to change their financial life, but please before you come through, these is no ponzi or investment scheme, get quick rich scheme, if you are someone who likes the schemes i mentioned above, these business model is not for you,  if you are also someone who think all online business are Scam ,please stop reading and close these page, but if you are someone who have been searching for a legitimate way to make money, someone who is tired of living the Naija condition way, then congratulations because your life is about to be transformed, here is a YouTube webinar that introduces you into Affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Click on the link below

Give me access to webinar


one thing I’ve learnt is that enough income means different things in each state’s we live in depending on the cost of living there.


places like Lagos or Abuja, you will need a minimum income of N500,000 a month to be able to save, invest, pay your bills and still live large.


N500,000 a month is about N17,000 a day.

So, the question is – How can you make N17,000 a day legally?
The surest way I know of to get this type of “enough income” in present Nigeria is to start a high ROI business.

Click on the link below to access to start your Affiliate marketing journey as a beginner


Give me access to webinar


Cheers and have a wonderful day



©️ *Silva Ugochukwu Amadi*

InternetMarketing Expat




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