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7 Steps to prepare for Exams in 24 hours

7 Steps to prepare for Exams in 24 hours


Wake up Early

When you’ve only got one day to deal with the job in hand, you need to make the most of it.

You don’t want to get up at stupid-o-clock and burn out too early, but you should set yourself an alarm for a sensible time and aim to start work at around 9am.

After all, you can nap all you want after the exam!

Get a Decent Environment

Studying for exams needs concentration, so inorder to do that a calm environment is needed where you will be able to concentrate in totality.

Create a Study Time.

Don’t go into a blind revision frenzy – you may only have one day, but you’ll get much more done if you break it up and work out exactly what you need to know rather than just cram in any old info.

Spend half an hour working out what topics you need to cover and allotting chunks of time for each bit. It might seem like a waste of valuable revision time, but trust us – it’ll save you much more time in the long run.

Get an Area of Concentration

An area of concentration are those topics where the exam questions will be coming from, so having or knowing these areas give you a greater advantage to study and assimilate faster for these exams.

Jot Valuable points for Final Revision

As you study jot down valuable points on your paper, these will form your own area of concentration as you revise for these exam as you have limited time.

Picture what you study in mind.

Try to create an image in your mind of what you are stuyding in your mind that will go along way to help you remember majority of what you have studied. Images are captured very fast by the human mind so if ou can create an image of all that you are studying that will be an excellent start to flying colors in the examinations.

Get Enough Rest before the Exam

Get Enough rest before the exam hour, do not read all day and night and you go straight into the exam hall without getting to rest, that will be running a risk of losing all that you have studied.



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