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Week of Spiritual Emphasis Marked – Valley View University

This semester’s edition of the Week of Spiritual Emphasis has come to an end at the Oyibi campus with 27 people giving their lives to God.

The week-long programme started with a spirit-filled hymns service which was led by the University Choir and continued with thirteen inspired messages preached during the morning and evening sessions over the period.

The theme for this semester’s Spiritual Emphasis programme was “Come Up Higher” and the speaker was Pr. Godswill T. K. Mensah. Pr. Mensah is a leadership and mentorship advocate and speaks to students, young professionals, business executives, diplomats and the political class across the African Continent on the subject. He is also the Executive Director for the Centre for Outreach Mentorship and Empowerment (COME).


The Week of Spiritual Emphasis is a University programme that is organized every semester by the Chaplaincy unit of the University. The goal is to spiritually revive administrators, faculty, staff and students. This year’s programme lived to this expectation as students shared their experiences at the end of it.

“There was something different and special about the programme….it was glorious and the spirit of God was present,” Marion, develoment Studies student remarked.

Nana Boateng, a level 100 student, was also ecstatic about his experience, “ the programme was very impactful in such a way that it helped us identify our stand in God…..the spiritual emphasis was a blessing to us,” he said. Boateng further added that the preaching encouraged him and strengthened his faith.

For Samuel Kwapong, though the Bible quotations were a bit too many, overall, he found the programme very educative.

Darling Mensah a student from the School of Business noted that the programme was a success and it helped him to know more about God.

There were others who looked forward to similar experineces in future “I hope to experience it one more time” , Maureen Peasah, a student of the School of Business said.

This year’s spiritual emphasis experience was shared with audience far beyond the limits of the walls of the University via Hope TV Ghana and also via all the University’s online platforms.

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