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Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship in the UK

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Kenya is one of the most rising developing countries. As a result of its precious wildlife, rich culture, the possibility of seeing the sunrise from the top of Kilimanjaro, reputable universities, and so on, Kenya is a place you would be tempted to visit and if care is not taken, may not dream of returning to the home country. This is why you should consider studying in Kenya.

Tuition fees

To study in Kenya, students are expected to have between KES50,000 and KES70,000 per year. This includes tuition fees and other expenses.

  • On average, tuition fees and charges would be valued between KES40,000 and KES65,000.
  • Accommodation expenses should be around KES15,000 per month.
  • Other expenses like feeding, insurance, travel and others are around KES3000 and KES6000 (KES means Kenyan Shilling).

Scholarships around the World for Kenyans

  1. Provost’s Excellence Funding Scholarship at Oregon State University, USA

The scholarship is made open to individuals who wish to pursue an undergraduate programme at Oregon State University.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The scholarship is partially funded and valued at $6000 per year and is subsequent to renewal.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholarship is available to Kenyans and other international students.
  • Applicants must be offered admission into the university.
  • The scholarship is renewable with a 3.0 GPA.
  • Transfer students must have at least 3.25 GPA.
  1. Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship in the UK

The fully-funded International scholarship is open to Kenyans and other international students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in any course taught at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The value of the scholarship includes the full tuition cost, awarded each year for a minimum of four years.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible students must:

  • Hold an offer of admission for a full-time study at the university.
  • Be classified as an international fee-paying student.

Before applying for the scholarship, ensure you have applied for admission at the university.

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