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The AIT 15th Graduation Success Story

Conducting a graduation ceremony amidst a Global Pandemic.

Over the years, AIT has been known for innovative ideas even in the midst of challenging situations. An evidence of this record was seen in the planning and organisation of the institute�s recent 15th graduation ceremony. In order to ensure that the Covid-19 pandemic did not interrupt the lives of their students, this technology focused university rolled out a creative strategy to successfully graduate 15th batch of final year students amidst these challenging circumstances.

According to normal practice, a graduation committee was set-up to administer the planning arrangements of the event. However, unlike any previous graduation committee, this one was confronted with the peculiar challenge of planning and organising the ceremony in the midst of a raging global pandemic coupled with its strict preventive measures and protocols.

After 3 Months of intensive work, the committee came out with the best approach for the graduation to take place dubbed the 2-2-2-2 Strategy. The breakdown of the said formulated strategy is as follows:

(-) 2 Graduation Batches
(-) 2 Sessions per Graduation Batch
(-) 2 Hours per Session
(-) 2 Graduation Modes (Physical & Virtual)

In accordance with the strategy, the formulated guidelines therein were implemented to the last letter.

The halls were set up following the social distancing protocols. Most people were already aware of the processes and adhered to them. Facemasks were provided for every single person in attendance. After the ceremonies, pictures were taken also following the social distancing protocols.

The greatest challenge faced during the planning process was how to get graduating students and guests to understand and follow the protocols. This process was very stressful for the organizers as well.

Even the midst of these challenges, all the plans by the committee were brought into fruition. This success could be attributed to knowing exactly what to do and when to do it.

Following this success story by AIT, other institutions have taken a page from our book of many successful innovations in order to replicate them in their respective contexts. This has always been our firm resolve: to innovate ways to serve our students better while making strides in the higher educational terrain in Ghana and beyond.

Learn from the University of The Future.

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