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Project Manager at Zen-Concepts (Pty) Ltd

  • Company: Zen-Concepts (Pty) Ltd
  • Location: Zambia
  • State: Zambia
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • Job category: Administrative/Secretarial Jobs in Zambia

Job Description

The primary job of the project manager will be to oversee various projects and teams within the organization and ensure deliverables make it to clients on time and within budget. The role requires always being on top of the timing of every project, meeting crucial production and launch deadlines.

Project Manager Job Role:

As project manager you will wear many different hats and handle a variety of tasks. These might include:

  • Meeting with clients to understand their project goals and requirements
  • Establishing and managing project scope and plans
  • Organising and motivating project teams
  • Leading client proposals and quotations
  • Scheduling and hosting project kick-off meetings, along with frequent check-ins
  • Compiling briefs for all project stakeholders on project and deliverables
  • Working with a wide assortment of stakeholders, including external clients, internal team members, freelancers and outsourced help, vendors and suppliers, etc.
  • Cost estimating and developing the budget
  • Negotiating with service providers, carefully managing campaign costs with the aim of reducing project costs and delivering projects below budget
  • Streamlining communication between internal team members
  • Double-checking all project deliverables for accuracy
  • Preparing progress updates for clients
  • Delivering the final project and reports to the clients
  • Conducting necessary research as required

Project Manager Technical Skills

  • Solid knowledge of marketing strategies
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Project management tools and dashboards

Project Manager Soft Skills

Collaboration. Communication. Organization. Time management. Leadership. Critical thinking. Problem solving. Conflict resolution. Ability to work under pressure and assimilate large quantities of information quickly, and juggling multiple projects at a time while maintaining attention to detail.

Extraordinary requirements

  • Travelling to various countries in Africa for extended periods

Method of Application

To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]

Closing Date : 30th April, 2021.

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