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MIS/M&E Specialist

Since 1963 and in 148 countries, ACDI/VOCA has empowered people in developing and transitional nations to succeed in the global economy. Based in Washington, D.C., ACDI/VOCA is a nonprofit international development organization that delivers technical and management assistance in agribusiness, financial services, enterprise development, community development, and food security to promote broad-based economic growth and vibrant civil societies. ACDI/VOCA has approximately 34 projects in 19 countries and total revenues of approximately $128 million.


ACDI/VOCA is currently implementing a five-year program entitled “Enterprise Development and Growth Enhanced (EDGE) Activity” in Zambia funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The aim of the Zambia EDGE Activity is to increase the profitability for agricultural small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by addressing their key investment constraints on access to finance, limited business management skills and technology, and access to markets, thereby increasing SMEs’ productivity and ability to create new jobs in Zambia.

Pursuant to its mission, ACDI/VOCA is seeking experienced and talented professionals for the MIS/M&E Specialist position. The position is based in Lusaka and responsible for managing and executing M&E data management functions pertaining to the project’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) requirements. Administers the corporate Management Information System (MIS) for the capture, management and analysis of M&E data for the project. Ensures accurate data analysis, M&E performance reporting and business intelligence. Provides MIS technical and troubleshooting report at project level. Overseas data flow and timely data processing for M&E.


  • Manages the project MIS and ensures compliance with corporate M&E policy. Supports M&E manager in devising local operating instructions and user guidelines on data capture, validation/quality reviews and entry into the MIS, as well as building staff capacity in data use. Ensures compliance with data quality standards and maintains a fully auditable data trail for all M&E indicator figures that are reported. Leads the design and integration of additional tools and applications into the project MIS framework as requested by management and technical staff. Manages project architecture, navigation, user interfaces/forms and permission levels of project staff for a large relational database, modifying the system as necessary to accommodate changing needs and enforce full compliance with project reporting and compliance requirements.
  • Provides data analysis, M&E performance reporting and business intelligence for the project. Leads the project in the creation of data analysis, modelling, queries and graphical visualizations to support reporting requirements and real-time visibility of project performance. Interprets and analyzes data visualizations on project trends, strengths and gaps to provide data-driven recommendations to management to improve project implementation. Responds to ad hoc requests from HQ, project managers, technical colleagues and donors to generate customized analyses, visual reports and maps.
  • Ensures project staff receive technical support and troubleshooting for MIS and data visualization. Collaborates with Global M&E and MIS Specialists for implementation of more complex solutions. Works with project IT Specialists to ensure MIS users have maximum accessibility, including up-to-date maintenance on laptops, all necessary software and sufficient Internet connectivity. Advises IT and project managers on alternative means to augment connectivity for MIS users in areas where it is less reliable.
  • Provides feedback to global Systems and Technology team on best practices and recommendations for improvement in MIS functionality and data management procedures.
  • Steers data flow, validation and processing from all project locations.
  • Monitors staff responsible for data collection and ensures timely data entry into the MIS, advising managers on requirements for additional data-entry support as needed. Designs, maintains and oversees use of mobile applications for data capture.
  • Allocates and coordinates the flow of work of data-entry staff.
  • Trains and guides local staff responsible for data entry. Checks data entry for accuracy and timeliness, and data is provided and analyzed in time to meet reporting schedules.
  • Makes suggestions to improve data operations and implements changes as approved. Ensures that all M&E data is fully uploaded, integrated and traceable through the MIS, including baseline survey data, routine registration and output monitoring, annual outcome surveys and end-of-project impact surveys.
  • Provides technical assistance to ACDI/VOCA staff members and partner organization staff in the utilization and management of monitoring and impact assessment tools. Delivers training to all program employees on the use of the M&E system and partners’ roles with respect to data collection, management and quality in their respective activities.
  • Contributes to capacity-building of staff and partners on M&E tools and analysis, data management, data analysis, basic surveying and sampling techniques, report writing techniques and requirements for ACDI/VOCA and other relevant donors.
  • Designs terms of reference, oversee, and coordinate the activities of external monitoring and evaluation contractors and volunteers.
  • Ensures clearly defined indicators, operational protocols for collecting data, and a system for the consistent and accurate collection, collation, analysis and use of data. Ensures clarity on the evaluation approach for outcome and impact level results.
  • Conducts ad hoc visits to projects to ensure proper implementation of M&E tools. Notifies the COP in writing about any concerns, risks or misuses of program resources and reports any falsification of data, violation of policies or false financial claims.
  • Collects and correlates data within all objectives and components and ensures data quality. Ensures activities, results, challenges and lessons learned are accurately documented in a timely manner and are available to all key stakeholders.
  • Undertakes any other relevant tasks as assigned by the direct-line manager and the Chief of Party.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Diploma or degree in economics, statistics, social sciences, international development or related field.
  • A Master’s degree in a related field will be an advantage.
  • Minimum of five years of experience in data management and analysis.
  • Previous experience in data/system management is essential.
  • Prior experience managing large relational databases will be an advantage.
  • Proficiency designing maps and other visuals using ArcGIS or other Geographic Information System (GIS) is essential.
  • Demonstrated experience in organization and validation of complex data with shifting requirements and strict deadlines.
  • Strong analytical skills, including statistics and research methodology, the ability to gather, organize and analyze quantitative and qualitative data for reporting and recommendations for action.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with technical staff and managers at all levels both inside and outside the organization, particularly through synthesizing a large variety of information into clear and concise presentations.
  • Skilled at working with Microsoft Office Suite.

Method of Application

Please submit a resume include the position title in the subject line. The resume and related application documents shall be provided as a single attachment and list long-term employment history and any relevant short-term consulting work. Due to the high volume of applications we are not able to respond to inquiries via phone or email. Only shortlisted candidates considered for an interview will be contacted. ACDI/VOCA is an equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities and people from diverse groups are encouraged to apply.

Application deadline
19 Oct 14:02
Email applications to

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