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Lists of public universities in Uganda

Lists of public universities in Uganda

Uganda is a country with 134 districts and also the capital city of Kampala, which are grouped into four administrative regions contains an appreciable amount of public universities which are listed below.

Makererere University :  Makerere university was mainly a slum in semi permanent structures. It is now mostly developed with hostels. The genesis of this development is traced to a policy adopted by Makerere University in the early 1990s, to admit private students.

These students had to cater for their residence. Some residences were converted into hostels to house the students. In recent years, multi storey blocks have been put up to serve as hostels. Besides the hostels, Makerere kikoni is developed with supermarkets, churches, the most outstanding being University

location P.O. Box 7062, Kampala . Check out more information  HERE

Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST), commonly known as Mbarara University, is a public university in Uganda. Mbarara University commenced student intake and instruction in 1989.

It is one of the eight public universities and degree-awarding institutions in the country. MUST is accredited by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education.l:

location:P.O. Box 1410, Mbarara . For more information click on HERE

Gulu University

In 2001 a Technical Task Force was appointed to set up the University. Because of the insecurity in Gulu at the time.

The Team set up a temporary office at Lincoln Flat 4 at Makerere University. The Task Force consisted of Dr. J.H. Pen Mogi Nyeko , Prof. Mary. J.N. Okwakol ,Dr. Stephen Tikodri , and Mr. N. Peter Egwel Odyomo. The office relocated to Gulu in early 2002.

location P.O. Box 166, Gulu . For more information Kindly click on HERE

Kyambogo University

KyambogoUniversity was established in 2003 by the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 by merging Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo (UPK), the Institute of Teacher Education, Kyambogo (ITEK), and the Uganda National Institute of Special Education (UNISE).

location : P.O. Box 1, Kyambogo. For more information click on  HERE

Busitema University

Busitema is Unique in that it is a multi-campus university created in the rural areas of the country unlike many Universities like Makerere and Gulu.

BU has as its focus the instruction of agricultural sciences, agricultural mechanization, and agribusiness.

location : P.O. Box 236, Tororo . For more information click on HERE

Muni University

Efforts to establish a public university in the West Nile sub-region date to January 2007 when a delegation of elders from the sub-region made a written request to the president of Uganda. In subsequent bilateral meetings between the Ugandan government and stakeholders from the sub-region, a set of core undergraduate courses was identified to anchor the founding of the institution.

In 2009, the Ugandan government, through the Ministry of Education, consented to the creation of the university.

Location P.O.Box 725, Arua kindly click on HERE for more information

Kabale University

According to Education News Uganda, Kabale University (KAB) was established as a private institution in 2001 by stakeholders in the Kigezi sub-region.

The major objective of KAB is to contribute to the socioeconomic development of Kigezi, Uganda, East Africa, Eastern Africa, and Africa through accessible training, research, and decentralized service delivery, using participatory and inclusive approaches and methodologies. KAB received accreditation from the Uganda National Council for Higher Education in 2005

Location P.O Box 317, Kabale, Kikungiri

Lira University

The university first opened in August 2012 with 100 students. At that time, the institution was a constituent college of Gulu University and was known as Gulu University Constituent College Lira. It was also referred to as Lira University College.

The university campus is located on approximately 500 acres (202 ha) of land, about 11 kilometres (7 mi), by road, west of downtown Lira off of the Lira–Kamdini road

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