KIU Digital School of Open, Distance and E-Learning


KIU Digital School of Open, Distance and E-Learning


Do you wish to thrive and advance in the technology driven knowledge societies of today? KIU Digital School of Open, Distance and E-learning has much to offer students who want to develop their knowledge and skills in a technology enabled learning environment. The term open, distance and eLearning (ODeL) has been adopted and is used to capture the philosophical, foundational and the increasingly technological aspects of new and transitioning learning modalities. It indicates continuity with the past, while also engaging with emergent developments.

KIU Digital School strives to be a regional resource hub that coordinates and facilitates online education initiatives, from credit and non-credit courses, to online undergraduate and degrees. Course content includes online lectures, videos, interactive animations and discussion boards.

So, if you are looking for a flexible way to study as well as the recognition of graduation from an established regional leader for university education, KIU Digital School is the place to be.

Dean’s profile

Dr. Annah Amani – Dean KIU Digital School of Open, Distance and E-Learning

Annah K. Amani (B.S., California State University, Northridge, M.P.H., University of California, Los Angeles, Ph.D. Clemson University, South Carolina U.S.A) is the Dean, Digital School of Open, Distance and E-learning at Kampala International University. In her early childhood, Annah was a child refugee from Uganda to Los Angeles, California. As a child refugee, Annah was aided by many people and non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International. The refugee experience sparked an interest in doing work that “aided” others in the global community. She is committed to doing progressive work in the fields of health, education, social justice and community development. Through her M.P.H. studies at U.C.L.A, she served as the team manager in the development of programs to prevent maternal mortality in rural Kenya. After her M.P.H, she went on to serve as the regional program coordinator for Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (now known as Unbound Uganda). Unbound Uganda is an education focused rural development child sponsorship organization.

Dr. Amani’s research sought to represent the voice of rural women in Uganda on the vital matter of birthplace choice.   After completion of her Ph.D., Annah taught global health and other undergraduate public health courses as an adjunct lecturer for the Department of Public Health Sciences at Clemson University, South Carolina U.S.A. During her time as a lecturer at Clemson University, she developed an interest in the evolving area of online education. Web enabled learning and other aspects of e-learning technology have the potential to enhance education provision in Africa in many ways. From raising literacy levels in poor rural areas where education infrastructure is lacking to completing the existing courses at Africa’s top universities, remote learning using educational technology is dynamic and very versatile. Annah envisions her work in advancing online tertiary and post graduate education in East Africa will have a significant impact on health, education, social justice and community development in the region.



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