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Intern in Ireland! Social Work Internship

Intern in Ireland! Social Work Internship



Employment Type


Contract Length

1-3 Months



Non Profit



Social Work

Stint Ireland

Stint Ireland operates on the belief that experiences abroad are valuable and worthwhile. Our dedicated team works hard to facilitate our program, where the focus is on you, and we pride ourselves on our diverse range of internship and work experiences in Dublin, Ireland.

Why Dublin? Because it’s a young, modern, and trendy city, built on historically and culturally-rich foundations, undergoing an innovative and creative boom. Also, because we’re in LOVE with Dublin and Ireland.

 Job Description

We are seeking social work interns to work in the medical or public health field in Dublin. The internship will take place in a hospital setting, mental health facility, or with an NGO to diagnose HIV/AIDS. You may also be interning in addiction clinics, organizations that work with the homeless population, or a special needs school/care facility for disabled children.

You have the choice of 8 week internship or 12 week internship. We will provide full support before, during and after your internship.

If you’re looking for an internship and an abroad experience, come intern with us in Dublin!


  • University students or recent graduates from the USA, Canada or any countries that do not require a visa in order to come to Ireland and fluent English speakers
  • Ability to commit to 8 or 12 week

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