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How to write an Application letter for Zambian Army Recruitment

How to write an Application letter for Zambian Army Recruitment

Zambian Army Application Format



The Cover Letter Application is a tool at the disposal of every applicant, it gives the applicant the ability to engage your employer without been physically present.

A Perfectly written military cover letter can highlight those skills and qualities that you have that make you ideally suited for a career in the military and get their interest right from the start. Most recruiters spend very little time in looking at your documentation so if you don’t manage to write in a concise and attention grabbing manner then your letter will get overlooked.

A cover letter for a military application does not have to be  complicated and difficult to write if you organize yourself and think strategically about what you need to do. Your cover letter is the first thing that the recruiter is likely to read and you need to make a direct impact right from this point before they even look at your resume.

Not including a covering letter will almost certainly guarantee that you will not be considered as it shows a lack of interest as will using a very generic and non personalized letter. The following are some easy to follow tips for writing that effective covering letter:

Steps in writing the best military letter of introduction


Try to address your letter to an actual person, call to find out the name of the hiring manager.

Your opening paragraph should be brief and to the point and needs to cover the following points:

Who you are and what position you are applying for

Where you found out about the position

Brief statement as to why you are Applying, and why this position

Your middle paragraphs need to highlight why you are qualified for a career in the military. This should not be a restating of what is within your resume but a targeted referral back to the job description. This should be 2 to 4 paragraphs each highlighting points that qualify you.

Your opening paragraph should be your strongest and should clearly show what you have to offer the military.

Use examples: don’t say you have leadership skills, show them. Use an example of when and how you used those skills and what the outcome of that event was.

Be enthusiastic but don’t go over the top

Your closing paragraph should restate your interest in the position and summarize why you are such a great applicant. Say that you will follow up your application and also ensure that your contact information is the same as on your resume.

End your letter with a thank you statement.

Proofread your letter very carefully to ensure that your letter contains no mistakes.

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