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How A 200 Level Beautiful Lady Changed my Life

How A 200 Level Beautiful Lady Changed my Life

How A 200 Level Beautiful Lady Changed my Life



How A 200 Level Beautiful Lady Changed my Life

I wouldn’t have guessed that a 200 level beautiful lady will be the one to lead me by the hand on the journey that changed my life and is still doing the same. Am not saying I can’t learn from anybody but I knew she had the answer to my freedom financially.

If you know my background, you will understand why I am saying this. And am saying this for the following reasons. First of all, I have always been seriously passionate about entrepreneurship and have been actively looking for how to engage myself on that path.

Meanwhile, I have a background in Accounting from Covenant University and had built a career over 5 years from a brief stunt in Audit and Assurance, Consulting, Financial Reporting, and Real Estate. Interestingly, I had also been admitted into membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria .

Now in all of these achievements, I was not satisfied. I didn’t know then but I discovered later that I loved to be on the computer.
Learning something new on the Internet and all. Let me say, I loved tech and didn’t really know how to fit that in my current responsibility.
Fast forward to COVID 19 PANDEMIC and chai, it hit me hard. Well I was working from home but it was really annoying, it was becoming more tedious than even my physical presence at the office.

I got tired of all this and said to myself am not cut out for this 9 to 5 job. However, my 9 to 5 was paying the bills and I couldn’t just dump it. (Mistakes I see many entrepreneurs make, only 1% survive such decisions). So I started questioning myself, what can I do from home that will help me earn more money.

Relax, am coming to the part where meeting this beautiful lady changed everything for me. But you won’t understand until I tell you the back story.

Back to what I was saying. So I learned photoshop out of my regular surfing online and guys were telling me about looking for gigs on Fiver and Upwork.

But to be honest, am not a Graphic Designer. So honestly I knew that wasn’t it. I kept looking for what to do until the COVID 19 Lockdown restriction ended. And I was back at the office.

Now, this is where the story changed for me. My secondary Alumni was planning a get-together for December that same year. This was in 2020 and I was part of the planning committee, the finance aspect in particular.

So I needed to review budgets and all. This requires I ask questions too and there was this lady, an Alumni too who was part of those we contacted to provide a service for the get-together. I have heard about her since we started planning this but this time I was talking one on one with her on phone.

Guess what? The story I heard about her checked out. She likes money. Lol.

And she was a 200 Level Student.

I really didn’t understand her motivation towards money especially when you see that her parents are actually comfortable.

Anyway, your question will be, who doesn’t like money bah?

I mean how was she able to convince me about making genuine money online with an investment of just 45k? Actually, she didn’t convince me, she didn’t even tell me a word about it. I saw proofs on her WhatsApp status every time.

And I was like this girl truly likes money.

But for someone who loves money like me too , I began to ask questions. And as you honestly know since you began reading, I have been looking for how to make money online, and there was someone posting how on her WhatsApp status.

And a beautiful lady for that matter. Lol. This 200 level student started making money online in October 2020 and by February when I was chatting with her she had made N425,000.

It was then I knew God had finally brought destiny my way and hook line and sinker, I joined.

The deal-breaker that brought all this for me was a video she sent me to watch when I was asking questions about this online opportunity. Don’t worry, I will send you that video for free.

But please, if you think what am about to show you is a get rich quick scheme (popularly known as Ponzi) and that is why you are interested, please don’t bother reading further. Because am about to disappoint you, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

FINAL WARNING: If you are not ready to watch the video don’t bother requesting it, nothing works in the hands of a lazy man.

Having said all , if you are interested in watching this exciting  free video that a 200 level lady used to change my life, the same one Judith my beautiful friend sent to me a few months ago and which changed my life,

click the link below NOW to get it.

Click to get the Free webinar



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