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Health Professional Foundation Program at Texila American University, zambia


Health Professions Foundation Program

The Health Professions Foundation Programme (HPFP) is a 12-month (1 year) full-time programme which prepares a student to enter the degree programmes in the College of Medicine at Texila American University.

As a foundation programme embedded with scientific knowledge and one of the most fundamental components of the practice of health sciences, students are provided with opportunities to learn a whole range of natural science concepts in addition to acquiring knowledge related to professional development in the health professions.

Key Features of the Programme

Our educational philosophy is to offer a strong foundation for future health professions education and we strive to use best practice in its delivery and assessment:

  Strong foundations in basic natural sciences.

  Strong foundations in health professions fundamentals (biomedical science foundation, medical terminology, and behavioural sciences).

The course is delivered by a combination of highly qualified professional lecturers from all related disciplines.

Program Specification


1 year


  • O/A Level with minimum of C grade or better in Biology, Physics, Chemistry English & Mathematics. Age must be below 30 yrs

learning Outcomes

  • Determining a student’s major interests, be it in research, medicine or clinical care
  • Acquiring foundations in the science disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics
  • Developing strong oral and written communication skills
  • Recognising the importance of behaving ethically
  • Understanding ethical responsibility as future health care professionals
  • Professional Development


The 12-month curriculum follows the semester system and includes:

  • Part A (Advanced level natural sciences in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics) for two semesters.
  • Part B (Health Professional Development Courses) for one semester.


Course Code Subjects Total
HPFP Phase 1 (Semester 1)
FBO 1100 Biology-I 6 Credits (120 hrs)
FCH 1100 General Chemistry 12 Credits (240 hrs)
FMT 1100
Mathematics I
4 Credits (60 hrs)
FPY 1100 Physics- I 6 Credits (120 hrs)
FPD 1109 Professional Development (Study Skills & ICT) 5 Credits (45 hrs)
Total Credits 25/27 Credits (495/525 hrs)
HPFP Phase 1 Semester 2
FBO 1200 Biology- II 6 Credits (120 hrs)
FCH 1200 Organic Chemistry 12 Credits (240 hrs)
FMT 1200
Mathematics II
4 Credits (120 hrs)
FPY 1200 Physics-II 6 Credits (120 hrs)
Total Credits 22/24 Credits (495/525 hrs)

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