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School News
FReNBI Bible College Zambia Update 2021/2022

FReNBI Bible College Zambia Update 2021/2022

FReNBI Bible College Update 2021/2022

College Details

45B-C, 4th Floor, Chester House, Cairo Road, Lusaka, Lusaka, Zambia GET DIRECTIONS 
14 years Of Building Faith, Hope & Love Amongst Zambian Churches.
From different denominations & Churches And from different Nations,
Ministers of the Gospel and Christian Leaders gather together,
to study and prepare themselves approved unto God.

They see and experience the Godly wisdom and power released when
Believers lay down their differences at the foot of the cross and choose
rather to connect in love with others from different Churches and Nations;

But they share four things in common that are not common:
►A non-church-centred campus; Word-based and Spirit driven.

►A non-denominational curriculum; facilitating the unity of the faith.

►A faculty of International Ministers, Bible Scholars and Mentors;
from different Ministries and Nations.

►And a revival fire: A faith in God, and a hope & love that changes things!

And they do one thing in common that is not common:
►They return to their various churches and ministries…
They return with changed lives; changing people and changing nations.

Now is the time to bring a revival of faith to your life,
to your family, to your church and to the nations:
Faith Revival For The Nations Bible Institute,
FReNBI-Zambia since November 2001.

For further information, please contact FReNBI Training Centre, 45B-C, Chester House, Cairo Road, Lusaka. Ph/SMS:+260955458223. Email:[email protected] Website: www.faithrevival.org

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