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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Developing Countries

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Ghana has a fertile academic environment for international students. Internationally, Ghanaian universities are gaining ground in terms of research and learning. There are a host of accredited universities, colleges and polytechnics that grant degrees.

Scholarships Around the World for Ghanaian Students

  1. Tullow Oil Scholarships for Postgraduate Programme

Students who desire to obtain a postgraduate degree and career in oil and gas are encouraged to apply for the Tullow Oil Scholarship Postgraduate Programme.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The scholarship which is valued at $60,000 per annum includes the tuition fee, monthly, stipend, travel cost, warm clothing, and baggage allowance.

 Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a legal resident of Ghana.
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree and pursuing a postgraduate course.
  • Must not have a previous history of studying abroad.
  • Must be willing to return to the home country upon graduation.
  • Tullow employees and their dependents are not eligible to apply.

Tullow is sponsoring a wide range of courses that would help to enhance the economic growth of the country which includes engineering, and other oil and gas related courses. It is important to note that some selected African countries are also provided with the same scholarship.

  1. JFUNU Scholarships for MSc in Sustainability Programme for Developing Countries

The Japan Foundation for the United Nations University (JFUNU) scholarship is offered to outstanding students from developing countries who can demonstrate a strong financial need.

The value of the scholarship covers for the tuition fee, and monthly allowance up to 24 months.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant must:

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree with GPA of at least 3.5.
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in sustainability studies.
  • Demonstrate commitment to study and understand global issues.

Applicants must not be resident in Japan or apply for a second degree in the university.

  1. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Developing Countries

Funded by the European Union, the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are awarded to both EU and international students who have been selected to attend one of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programme at Masters or PhD level.

The scholarship varies according to the level of study, duration of the programme and the candidate’s nationality.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The award covers tuition, monthly allowance, participation costs, as well as traveling and insurance coverage.

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are provided to enhance the quality of education across the globe.

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