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Entry Requirements- Post Graduate Admissions



Masters Programmes

A good first degree, preferably second class lower or better (or a Final Grade Point Average of at least 2.0), in a relevant field of study at the University of Ghana or any recognized/accredited University.  Applicants with third class may be considered for admission based on work experience and/or other qualifications.

A minimum of two to three years working experience is required from all applicants desiring to pursue programmes at the University of Ghana Business School.

For more details in respect of Admission requirements, applicants are advised to contact the various Departments/Schools/Institutes/Centres for additional information on the various programmes.

For purposes of assessing an applicant’s eligibility, he/she may be required to take an entrance examination and/or interview at the Department/Institute/School/Centre.

For programmes marked with asterisks (*), all applicants are admitted into the MA/MSc programme at the first instance. Students who obtain an average of B+ or better in the first semester examinations MAY upgrade to the MPhil programme upon recommendation by the Head of Department in consultation with the Graduate Studies Committee of his/her Department.

PhD Programmes

Applicants may apply for a PhD programme with a Masters’ degree or a very good first degree.

Applicants applying with Masters’ Degree

Applicants with relevant Masters’ degree from the University of Ghana or any recognized/accredited University may apply for a PhD programme.

Applicants applying with first degree

Applicants with very good first degree from the University of Ghana or any recognized/accredited University may apply for a PhD programme.  Such applicants, when admitted, shall be required to take first year courses of the Masters’ (Level 600) programme of their departments. They shall be required to pass all examinations in the courses.    On successful completion of the Level 600 courses and depending on their performance, they would then progress into the four-year Ph.D. programme.

All PhD programmes in the University are now fee-paying and the durations are as follows

Full-Time      –  Four (4) years
Part-Time     –  Six  (6) years





MBA Management Information Systems

Prospective applicants must have at least two (2) years working experience in an IT environment to qualify for admission.


MPhil Home Science (Food Utilization and Community Nutrition)

Applicants must have a strong science background to qualify for admission.

MPhil/MA English

Applicants seeking admission to these programmes must have:

a. Majored in either a combined or single major programme

b. taken at least 30 credits in the subject


MSc. Audiology

Applicants must have a good first degree (minimum FGPA of 3.0) in Physics, Psychology, Biological Sciences, and Special Education with major in Communication Disorder or Nursing


MPhil Social work

Applicants are to submit one page essay (single spaced) stating their short and long-term career goals. They are to also discuss how a graduate programme in Social Work will help them achieve these goals. This should be uploaded with other required documents online.

MPhil Anatomy

Applicants should first discuss their research ideas with the Department before completing

application forms.

MPhil Chemical Pathology

Applicants will be required to show proof of funding for their project work.

MSc Medical Laboratory Sciences

Applicants must hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences with a FGPA of not less than 3.25 or possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences with a minimum of second class (upper) from a recognized university.

This is for candidates who completed their MA within the last five years and in addition obtained a B+ average.

MPhil Agricultural Engineering

Applicants must submit a thesis proposal with applications


MEng/MPhil/PhD- Biomedical Engineering

Bioinformatics, Genomics and Targeted Drug Discovery
Implants Science &Regenerative Engineering
Bioinstrumentation &Clinical Engineering

MEng/MPhil/PhD- Materials Science & Engineering

  1. Materials for Energy
  2. Materials for Health care Delivery
  3. Structural Materials

MEng/MPhil/PhD- Agriculture Engineering

  1. Soil &Water Engineering
  2. Postharvest Engineering
  3. Machine Systems Engineering (Agricultural Mechanization)


MPhil in Education /Educational Leadership and Management

*Applicants to the MPhil Education programme must have an MA degree in Education.

*Applicants to the MPhil Educational Leadership and Management programme must possess an MA degree in any of the following:

Educational Leadership and Management, Educational Administration and Management, Educational Leadership, Educational Management, Educational Administration.

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