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Electrical Technician at Steamau Enterprises limited

Electrical Technician at Steamau Enterprises limited

Electrical Technician

  • Full Time
  • Zambia
  • Salary: 2500
  •  June 29, 2019

Steamau Enterprises limited

Steamau Enterprises limited is a company in the petroleum industry, we are specialized in several kinds of works. Namely Electrical Repairs, Fuel Pumps, Compressors, Hardware, Brick lying, Printing, Carpentry, Structural Engineering, Supplying of Electrical Accessories, Building Materials, Pump Spares and General Dealers.


We are currently seeking a highly-skilled, reliable, self-motivated Electrical Technician to join our growing team. In this role, you will respond to all service tickets, perform routine maintenance, and provide infrastructure upgrades as needed. To succeed in this position, you will be an independent, competent, and thorough professional who takes great pride in their work and is committed to safety.

Duties and Responsibilities

a). Respond quickly to all service requests and efficiently repair electrical systems
b). Work rapidly without compromising quality in order to minimize down times
c). Communicate estimated timelines for repairs to those impacted
d). Conduct tests and assessments of new systems and repairs to ensure quality
e). Commit to compliance with all safety standard and regulations at all times
f). Perform preventative maintenance to stay ahead of potential issues
g). Troubleshoot all problems effectively, performing quality, lasting repairs
h). Install new equipment and wiring to expand infrastructure as needed
i). Log all services and report progress to management
j). Always seek the solution that is most cost effective without compromising quality
l). Assess systems and suggest modifications to prevent future issues
m). Maintain all equipment in excellent working order
n). Maintain a clean and organized work environment

Requirements and Qualifications

a). Certificate in electrical engineering or equivalent required, diploma in electrical engineering preferred
b). Membership with The  Engineer institution of Zambia
c). Minimum of 2 years’ experience working in related field
d). Experience fabricating, assembling, and installing wire harnesses
f). Experience installing electrical panel
i). Extensive knowledge of electrical systems, wiring, and all necessary equipment
j).Able to utilize hand tools and power tools
k). Solid working knowledge of all code requirements
l). Ability and willingness to follow all legal and company safety regulations
m). Outstanding problem solving and critical thinking skills
n). Physical ability to complete this type of work, often in demanding environments
o). Pride in your work
p). Team-player mentality
q). Able to work independently with little supervision

Note: Must be will to work at odd hours due to the nature of the petroleum industry technicalities the knock off time is not limited

To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]

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