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Courses offered in University of zambia

Courses offered in University of zambia

  • Courses offered in University of zambia

  • These are the list of courses offered in University of zambia at the undergraduate level and to apply for any of the programs visit the school website for the online application form or check my previous article on university of zambia for the link to the application form.
  • Agricultural Sciences:

  • Education

  • Engineering

    • Agricultural Engineering
    • Civil and Environment Engineering
    • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
  • Health Sciences
    • Biomedical Sciences
  •      Humanities
    • Population Studies Monitoring and Evaluation Centre of        Excellence
    • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation for Programs,          Projects and Policies (PM&E) and Data Analysis
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Forensic and Criminal Investigations Psychology
    • Population Studies
    • Social Work and Sociology
  •     Mines
    • Metallurgry and Material Processing
  •     CICT
    • Professional & Skill Based Courses (Second Quarter            2019)
    • Special Computer Training Progammes
    • NIIT ICT Courses
Our Role

The Centre is responsible for Professional and Guidance Counselling for students as well as University Staff and their families.  However, members of the general public are also attended to at a nominal fee.

Counselling Services
Career and Vocational Guidance Counselling
  • Career Choice and Planning
  • Employment Search
  • Job Interview Techniques
  • Lack of occupational goals
Life Skills Training

The Counselling Centre is a resource centre which provides:

  • Social Skills Training Seminars and Workshops to students and members of the University community.
  • Interventions include:
  • Tips on Stress Management
  • Tips on Time Management
  • Tips on Job Interview
  • Peer Educators Training in HIV/AIDS counselling
  • Trainer of Trainers (TOT) in HIV/AIDS counselling

Referral and Consultation

Counsellors are available to provide:

  • Referral Information and Consultation Services to various faculties and members of the University Community
  • Referral to Social Welfare

Personal Concerns

  • Relationships
  • Family Issues
  • Alcohol/Drug/Sexual Abuse
  • Bereavements

Health Concerns

  • HIV/AIDS/STIs counselling
  • Family Planning
  • Pregnancy
  • General Ill Health

Educational Concerns

  • Change of Quota
  • Academic Withdrawal from Studies
  • Exclude from School
  • Leave of Absence
  • Lack of Concentration

Financial/Tuition Related

  • GRZ Bursaries/Scholarship Loan
  • Banking Services

Care/Vocational Guidance

  • Career Choice/Planning
  • Employment Search
  • Job Interview Techniques
  • Vocational Employment/Internship

Counselling Concerns

Counselling is the best alternative for many Psychosocial and Academic concerns. “Talking through” concerns in a RELAXED and CONFIDENTIAL ATMOSPHERE helps you CLARIFY your problems and learn how to deal with them.

The Counselling Centre is headed by the Senior Counsellor and is assisted by five Counsellors and other staff comprising of a Secretary, Stenographer and an Administrative Officer.

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