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Consultancy – Design and Promotion of the Diaspora Web Portal at IOM Zambia

Consultancy – Design and Promotion of the Diaspora Web Portal at IOM Zambia

ToR – Design and Promotion of the Diaspora Web Portal

  • Consultancy
  • Zambia
  •  February 17, 2020




1.0. Background

The Government of Zambia in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) with funding support from the IOM Development Fund (IDF) are implementing a project titled ‘Building the Capacity of the Government of Zambia to Maximize the Development Potential of the Diaspora. The overall objective is to contribute to improved and strengthened government capacity to mainstream and harness the development potential of the Zambian diaspora for national development. Among others, the project has supported the establishment of the Zambia Diaspora Coordination Desk to fully coordinate diaspora affairs and engage with the Zambian diaspora. The project is also supporting the establishment of a diaspora portal in order to improve platforms and mechanisms for continuous communication and engagement between the Government and the Zambian diaspora. Accordingly, IOM seeks suitably qualified consultants to undertake the following works.

2.0.Works to Be Undertaken in the Design and Promotion of the Diaspora Web portal

  • Document detailed website design requirements and obtain acceptance of requirements by key stakeholders.
  • Improve site navigation and front-end design of the web portal to ensure ease of application to the entire site, improve overall navigation and usability of the site.
  • Page design should incorporate a consistent set of navigational tools, menu bars and quick links for accessing different parts of the site rapidly.
  • Undertake graphic design services to develop custom website designs and interfaces, adhering to established Zambian government standards, guidelines and website layouts including but not limited to:
    i) homepage,
    ii) landing pages,
    iii) secondary and tertiary pages, etc.
    iv) site logos, branding or identity (including donor visibility)
    v) banner ads or promotional graphics to link back to diaspora website and/or related sites,
    vi) provide and/or purchase, photographs and images for use in design of web portal.
  • Design of the following web portal functionalities:
    i) An information hub linking One Stop Shop, Immigration, Tourism, Consular Services, line ministries and missions abroad.
    ii) Diaspora Association Registry (feature should allow for the registration of diaspora associations and individuals; feature must also allow for users to search for diaspora organizations within their geographic locations).
    iii) Crowd Funding feature for instances of disaster or national issues or emergencies to registered associations
    iv) Returning to Zambia web feature which provides information on safe, orderly and regular return and relocation to Zambia.

Functional Development

  • Configure, install, administer, train and support WordPress DIVI Builder, Joomla and Drupal content management system.
  • Development services to increase user interaction including, but is not limited to, development of the following functions:
    i) Template development,
    ii) Content development and/or migration,
    iii) forms,
    iv) surveys,
    v) search capabilities/functionality,
    vi) web analytics,
    vii) Social media sharing plug-ins.
  • Be able to authenticate end users
  • Forms should be incorporated easily and effectively into the design and structure of the portal.
  • Information gathered should be directly sent to an encrypted database and a designated e-mail address.

Functional and Quality Assurance Testing

  • Conduct user acceptance testing,
  • Conduct accessibility testing,
  • Conduct functional and quality assurance testing on web portal. Including:
    i) Browser support
    ii) Operating systems
    iii) Screen resolutions including responsiveness for mobile,
    iv) Assistive technologies
    v) Color blindness
    vi) Text sizing

Post Testing Development and Fixes and Technical Support

  • Consultant will provide the web portal with on-going technical support in website maintenance, updating applications as new versions become available and helping to change and improve features and web portal structure on request for the duration of twelve (12) months contract ending on 22 December
  • Consultant to draft a service level agreement and must be shared with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Smart Zambia Institute and IOM before commencement of the assignment.

Web portal Promotion Tracking and Generating Usage Reports

  • Provide promotional support through Search Engine Optimization, web portal article boosting on social media for key engagement events.
  • Backlinking to defined web portal.
  • Determine which areas of the portal are visited most often, how long people stay on each page, how many different pages they look at, how many hits and unique hits occur daily, weekly or monthly and geographic location of views.
    Documentation Development
  • Consultant will provide hands-on training to designated Zambia Diaspora Coordination Desk staff in basic website management as needed, so that the following activities can be performed:
    i) Use of content management system(s) including simple publishing and editing
    ii) Use of other software or tools in support of web portal
    iii) Administration functions including, but not limited to, user access/password resets
  • Provide all systems and training documentation for future use and user manual
  • Develop a soft copy web portal manual for use by Zambia Diaspora Coordination Desk officials.

3.0.Expected Duration of the Assignment

The assignment (theme development, functional development, functional and quality assurance testing, post testing development and fixes and technical support, web portal promotion tracking and generating usage reports, documentation development) and presentation of results to both IOM and the Government of Zambia is expected to be completed in a period of no more than 45 working days.

Download the full terms of reference here.

All interested consultants are to submit electronic copies of their technical and financial proposals to IOM by CoB 17th February 2020 by email: [email protected].

To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]

Important Note: Offers of employment or job openings with requests for payment or fees should be treated with extreme caution, viewed as potentially fraudulent and reported immediately.

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