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Chief Executive Officer at Zambia Orphan Aid

Chief Executive Officer at Zambia Orphan Aid

Chief Executive Officer

  • Contract
  • Lusaka, Zambia
  •  June 26, 2019

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Orphan and Vulnerable Care

Zambia Orphan Aid- Zambia: Northern Province Psychosocial Project

Name of Project: Enhanced OVC participation in education through effective community-based psychosocial support.

Job Title: Project Officer

Duty station: Kasama

Zambian Orphan Aid background

ZOA-Z is one of the three branches that make up Zambia Orphans Aid (ZOA), a voluntary organisation focused on mitigating the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. It was registered on 5th November 2003 under the Registrar of Societies after operating as a committee since the year 2000. The other ZOA chapters are Zambia Orphans Aid- United Kingdom (ZOA-UK) and Zambia Orphan Aid-United States (ZOA-US). On 17th April 2018, ZOA-Z transferred its registration to Ministry of Community Development and Social Services under the Non-Governmental Act of 2009.

ZOA-Z will be implementing an “Enhanced OVC participation in education through effective community-based psychosocial support” funded by DFID- Direct UK AID in collaboration with ZOA-UK chapter.

ZOA-Z seeks to recruit an energetic Project Officer who will report to Program Coordinator at National Office.

Key Task/Duties

The Program Manager will be expected to;

1. Implement the DFID Project approved work plan, report progress on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. DFID project expected outcome is “Improved participation in education amongst OVC supported by ZOA-UK in Northern Province” with the following expected outputs;

a. Increased knowledge of project’s aims and value of education amongst communities, OVCs, schools, guardians & parents.
b. OVC enabled to access and participate in education each term
c. Improve OVC emotional health and social behaviour
d. Build capacity of 3 x community groups to support OVC

2. Develop, manage and maintain relationships with ZOA-Z Northern partner organisation and district OVC Committees to ensure that ZOA-Z supported partners are harmonious with national and district policies in care and support of OVCs, receive needed assistance in developing proposals and in monitoring their progress.

3. Under the supervision of ZOA-Z, document and report on financial matters of DIFID project and related financial matters of ZOA-Z partners.

4. Prepare briefs and background information for ZAO-UK, ZOA-Z, and development partners, visiting staff, consultants and others, as required.

5. Engage with the Co-operating Partners Group and related sub groups and structures as appropriate.

6. Support the development and integration of ZOA Strategy with respect to ZOA-Z Country Strategy.

7. Support the development of monitoring and evaluation, research and learning, and risk management systems for ZOA-Z.

8. Attend and support the Senior Management Team, Finance and Audit committee, and any temporary task teams assigned.

9. Provide on-going support for the professional development of partner staff through the Performance Management and Development System.

10. Ensure effective communication with headquarters in Lusaka.

11. Develop a wide and effective network of contacts with key partners.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Two to five years’ experience of working in a middle management role with experience in one or more of the following sectorial/thematic areas; Education, Social development, empowerment areas.
  • A diploma or better in Education, development studies, economics or an area related to social development;
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the general social, cultural, educational and economic situation in Northern province and Zambia in general.

Key Competencies Required

In addition to the above qualifications and experience, the successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a track record in the following competencies:

1. Personal and Relationship Effectiveness: ability to motivate and inspire others to deliver results by establishing and maintaining effective working relationships both as a team member and leader. Is sensitive to underlying feelings and viewpoints. Can coach, advise and support others.

2. Networking and alliance building: actively builds networks and alliances with colleagues from partner and other organisations

3. Leadership, Management and Delivery of Results: ensures optimum use of human, financial, material and information resources to deliver on the project outcome. Has consistent ability to lead, show initiative, innovate and manage others.

4. Analytical and conceptual thinking: can break down projects and issues, thinks through logically and sets priorities; ability to see relationships between diverse issues and identify solutions as well as identifying patterns/trends in data and developments. Thinks creatively and strategically.

5. Decision making, judgement and risk: assembles the facts and outlines courses of action. Weighs up pros and cons and makes sound recommendations. Consults and seeks advice when there is no precedent. Applies good judgement. Has ability to identify, manage and report on significant risks to strategy and operations.

How to apply for this Position

To apply for this position, send your application via email to [email protected], copy to [email protected] by close of day 26th June 2019

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