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5 Sure Tips on how to gain an Employment as a Student

5 Sure Tips on how to gain an Employment as a Student

5 Sure Tips on how to gain an Employment as a Student


Gain work Experience as a Student:

As a first year student in the University or polytechnic do not wait till industrial attachment period to gain work experience. During your holidays reach out to organizations or companies by writing a letter of enquiry to the Human resource asking them if you can come work for them for free as a student during holidays, it is better you start with newer and smaller companies or firms.

Create a CV as a student

Make you use of the internet, search for curriculum vitae online and see different samples, especially those ones in your area or line of profession, draft the CV yourself,after which you check for professional CV writers which can help tailor your CV to the current Industry standard.

Attend Workshops and Seminars.

While in school, you will discover that departments have professional associations, some of these associations have student members, the point is they organize professional workshops, seminars and training once in a while, if you are not hooked up with exams at the moment, try and attend the training and workshops. Get these details through your association president in school. The workshops and training form work experience for you and they help you in building a better CV as a fresh graduate. May I not forget to mention, that it may cost you money, pay the money to gain the experience because that money you keep back then, saying I  am a student will not be able to take away the frustration of not having a job after many years of graduation due to lack of work experience.

Get a Professional Certification

Do not wait till you graduate, get a professional certification in an area you have interest on. Do these while you are still a student, after your final exams and project defense is a good time. Ask friends whom you know that are working for guidance on selecting the approved and recognized organizations where you will take these courses.

Start submitting your CV from your final Year

Begin submission of your CV at your final year, so you start attending interviews. These will give you a greater chance of securing a job as some organizations will employ you as an intern and upgrade you to a full worker after your service year. It is more easier getting into bigger organizations as an intern with an experience they require than waiting after graduation to join the huge crowd outside at the labour market.


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