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Admission List
2021/2022 Admission List for University of Zambia

2021/2022 Admission List for University of Zambia

Through The Institute of Distance Education, in just  four  years,  distance  students obtain  the  same  qualifications  as  those obtained  by  their  full-time  counterparts. Our  institute  offers  opportunities for busy people, especially those who are in regular employment, and those for one reason or another did not receive university education, to have access to university education. The University of Zambia, through the Institute of Distance Education, offers a flexible and convenient method of education delivery for the categories of people mentioned above. The Institute has its presence in all the provinces and students can access these centers for various queries. For example; for exams one does not need to come to Lusaka but sit for exams at the provincial centre. School levers also have an opportunity to study and work, thereby gain work experience.

Our students are guaranteed the same degree as those on full- time with the same duration of study. Through the Institute of Distance Education you will acquire a paper that will secure your future and career prospects.

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