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Admission Requirements
2021/2022 ACCA Application form at University of Lusaka

2021/2022 ACCA Application form at University of Lusaka

2021/2022 ACCA Application form at University of Lusaka, zambia. Keep on reading this blog for further information on University of Lusaka, Zambia


 University of Lusaka

Download Your ACCA Application Form Below


ACCA Application Form



The school of postgraduate studies was established to provide scholarly graduate and professional academic experience for the benefit of globalised business, industry, government and all aspects of Zambian life and beyond. It aims is to develop a UNILUS response to the public’s cry for real-life, applicable response to local needs through teaching, research, dissemination and high quality engagement with industry and government. Postgraduate students and their faculty are viewed as partners in this undertaking. The school of postgraduate studies highly aspires to network and collaborate with the postgraduate community locally and internationally, in order to make graduate learning a delight to all aspects of life in Zambia, and beyond. The School attests to having local and international faculty that has relevant and competitive industrial and academic experience in their fields of study.

Since its inception in 2006/2007, the school continues to respond to growing needs of postgraduate training by offering various programmes at Master’s and Doctoral levels. Students are drawn from diverse sectors of the local communities in Zambia in the private and public sectors, and more recently, the demand for our programmes has been registered from the labour markets in the SADC and COMESA regions of Africa.

The postgraduate school anchors and propounds the aspirations of being a centre of excellence in Postgraduate, Research, Innovation, Consultancy, Entrepreneurship and Development (PRICED) which aims to provide appropriate linkages, relevant output and added value to various sectors of Zambian community.

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