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2019 Admision Requirement for Bishop Stuart University, Uganda


A. Degree Requirements:
  1. UCE certificate
  2. 2 principal passes at A’ Level obtained at the same sitting
  3. Entry by Diploma; One must hold a relevant Diploma from a recognized Institution.
B. Diploma Requirements:
  1. 1 Principal pass at A’ Level with two subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting
  2. A 2 year relevant certificate from a recognized Institution
C. Certificate Requirements
  1. Advanced Certificate in Appropriate & Sustainable Technologies
    • This certificate is open to any professional who wants to gain qualifications & skills in science & technical Educ. or
    • One should have an A’ level certificate or equivalent qualifications
  2. Certificate in Education Management
    • One should be a teacher i.e. from Grade III to Graduate teacher.

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