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2019/2020 Admission List for St Lawrence University, Uganda

Admission Form

  1. Check with the Admissions office at the University or visit the website for the programs on offer.
  2. Buy an application form at the fee stated, or you may download the form fill it and return it to the University.
  3. On returning the application form you receive a coupon showing the date when the results of the application will be out.
  4. On the date results of the application are out, kindly check at the office or on the university website; then proceed to pick your admission letter if admitted.

Application forms are processed and shortlists made by the Admissions Office are forwarded to the University Admissions Committee. The board grants or denies the admission and forwards the decision to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s (Academic Affairs) office.

The applicant’s file is reviewed for completeness and a letter is given indicating admission, pending fulfillment of the requirements.

All documents received by the University in connection with an application for admission become the property of St. Lawrence University. Admission places of students who are admitted and fail to report are filed. However material will only be held for a period of only one year if the student notifies the Admissions Office in writing of postponement of enrollment.

Download- St Lawrence University  Application Form

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