Office Assistant/Gardener at THE AFRICAN BUSINESS SCHOOL LTD.


Office Assistant/Gardener


A male with at least a grade 12 certificate must be hard working and energetic, able to speak good English with at least two years working experience.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Office Assistant/Gardener

  1. Dust furniture, equipment, partitions, walls, books etc
  2. To keep offices clean and free from dust as per the required standard
  3. Clean and disinfect sinks, countertops, floors, toilet, mirrors, tables, chairs in the office, kitchen, bathroom and gardens
  4. Replenish supplies in bathrooms and kitchen
  5. To perform a monthly thorough cleaning up of the office
  6. Empty trash bins into disposal areas
  7. Identify potential maintenance issues in the offices and surroundings, and communicate them to the Executive Assistant; also logging the issues, in the office maintenance book.
  8. Punctuality, arrive at work as per scheduled time, perform services to established standards. Perform any other duties as assigned when need arises

Skills and Competencies of the Office Assistant/Gardener 

  1. Grade Twelve Certificate holders- the suitable candidate will be requested to submit copies of certificates and NRCs for the position.
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  3. Friendly and professional – able to deal with diverse members of staff and clients while cleaning and gardening
  4. Team player – ability to work within a team where members depend on each other to get work done
  5. Self-starter – able to identify work that needs to be done and do it without being instructed to do so e.g. sweeping, mopping, dusting, cutting of grass, etc
  6. Good common sense with ability to solve practical problems.

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