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Development in Africa Scholarships

Development in Africa Scholarships

Development in Africa Scholarships: The Centre of African Studies, CAS, invites Africans to apply for MA, MSc & PhD scholarships as part of the Governance for Development in Africa Initiative funded by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

The Africa MA, MSc & PhD scholarships are available at the School of African and Oriental Studies, SOAS, in London.

Eligibility & How to Apply – Africa Development Scholarships

In order to be considered for funding, applicants must first secure a place for the MA, MSc or PhD by applying directly to the SOAS admissions office.

Once the admission place is secured, candidates can then apply for the scholarship.

Candidates will be assessed on academic merit by a panel consisting of SOAS academic members.

The assessment of application will be based on the information provided in the scholarship application.

Selectors will be looking at the following:

academic achievement and evidence of critical analytical capabilities;
supporting statement;
evidence of interest in and knowledge of linkages between governance and development
Please note that CAS reserves the right not to award scholarships and will only award them where there are applicants judged to meet sufficiently high academic standards and with demonstrable interests in fields relevant to the objectives of the GDAI.

Deadline: Application closes on 30 April.

You should ideally apply for admission well in advance of this in order to secure an offer of admission before the scholarship deadline.

For more scholarships details and the application forms, see; https://www.soas.ac.uk/gdai

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