Consultancy to Undertake WWF Feasibility Study for a BMZ-BENGO Project Proposal


Consultancy to Undertake WWF Feasibility Study for a BMZ-BENGO Project Proposal

WWF Zambia

By 2030, the AFR100 (African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative) wants to bring 100 million hectares of land in Africa into restoration. This objective needs powerful coordination that links national with regional/local level of Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) priorities and public with communities and private sector actors. WWF is planning to tackle the causes of forest degradation and to set strategies and frameworks which are necessary to reach the ambitious goals of AFR100, the Bonn Challenge and the New York Declaration on Forests.

FLR provides positive contributions for the environment, sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation. When implemented on agricultural land, FLR improves soil fertility and crop productivity, leading to food security and thus supporting the pro-grammatic goal of the BMZ (German Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Develop-ment), One World No Hunger Initiative (SEWOH).

The purpose of this feasibility study is to provide a sound basis for the development of the project concept by identifying prerequisites, opportunities and risks.  Therefore the general programme context, the political framework and key stakeholders shall be assessed. The study is also expected to assess the (draft) impact matrix, provide baseline infor-mation and give recommendations for the programme design as well as for investment decisions to achieve programme results.

Please download the attachments for more details about the consultancy and application process.

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