Baobab College Secondary Curriculum


Baobab College been one of the best private colleges in zambia, the secondary school curriculum is a visible proof. The students are prepared and groomed to become professional especially they graduate into the universities

Baobab College offers the widest curriculum in Zambia. The secondary curriculum is split into 3 stages and prepares students for University admission throughout the world. The first is Years 7 to 9, where students take the following subjects: English, Maths, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Music, Information Technology and Physical Education.

In Years 10 and 11 students follow the IGCSE curriculum culminating in examinations assessed by Cambridge International Assessment and Pearson Edexcel. Additional subjects are introduced here including: Accounting, Business Studies, Literature in English, Travel and Tourism, as well as the three separate science subjects. Students will typically take nine subjects at this stage in which English, Maths, French and Literature are compulsory.

The final stage of Secondary School is Senior College, where students will take three (or in exceptional circumstances four) subjects, as they work towards AS and A level examinations; Psychology and Economics are added to the curriculum at this stage.


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