Baobab College 2019/2020 Bursaries and Scholarships



Baobab College

Baobab College has a successful scholarships and bursaries scheme. Scholarships and bursaries are offered annually and the application dates will be published on the school website and parent portal. Scholarships are offered for ‘A’ Level students.

If no suitable ‘A’ Level candidates are found, applications may be considered for students in other school years. Anyone who wishes to apply should email to request an introduction letter for the relevant scheme.

‘A’ Level Scholarships: Academic / Sports / Arts Scholarship

We offer a limited number of ‘A’ Level scholarships for students from Baobab College and from other schools. These are for outstanding students who have consistently shown excellence throughout their school careers. ‘Academic Scholarship’ applicants will be expected to achieve As and A*s at IGCSE. ‘Sports Scholarship’ applicants will have the potential to represent their country internationally. ‘Arts Scholarship’ applicants will have a very high standard in visual or performing arts and an ability to inspire other students in their field. Scholarships will be up to 50% of school fees. ‘A’ Level scholarships are not dependent on financial status. Applications are not means tested.

‘A’ Level Scholarships for under-privileged students

A limited number of ‘A’ Level scholarships are open to orphans or students from under-privileged homes. Applicants will have exceptional academic ability and a high number of distinctions in ECZ Grade 9 and Grade 12 examinations, or equivalent. Scholarships will be up to 100% of school fees.


A limited number of bursaries are available for Baobab students whose families are experiencing exceptional financial hardship, who would not otherwise be able to continue at Baobab College. Applications are accepted for students who have been at Baobab for a minimum of two years. Applicants will have an excellent record of behaviour and attendance. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis and will be means tested. Bursaries will be up to 90% of school fees.

External Scholarships

Baobab works with partner organisations in Zambia to provide financial assistance to gifted, talented and vulnerable students to complete their studies in other schools. Scholarships of up to 100% of school fees are awarded to exceptional students who have already achieved outstanding results in Grade 7 and Grade 9 exams and would not otherwise be able to continue at school.


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