2019 Tuition and other Fees for Northrise University.


Tuition and other Fees for Northrise University.


Fee Name Local (Zambian & SADC member state students) Fees International (Non-Zambian & non-SADC member state students) Fees
Undergraduate Tuition Fees
DAY- ICT Programs K1,500.00 per Course/subject K2,340 per Course/Subject
DAY – Other Programs K1,400.00 per Course/Subject K2,240 per Course/Subject
CPS (Evening) – ICT Programs K1,400.00 per Course/Subject K2,240.00 per Course/Subject
CPS (Evening) – Other Programs K1,300.00 per Course/subject K2,150.00 per Course/Subject
DEL (Distance e-Learning) – ICT Programs K1,200.00 per Course/Subject K1,920.00 per Course/Subject
DEL (Distance e-Learning) – Other Programs K1,100.00 per course/Subject K1,820.00 per Course/Subject
Graduate Tuition Fees
CPS (Evening) – Masters & Postgraduate Diploma K3,000.00 Per Course/Subject K4,100.00 per Course/Subject
Masters/Postgraduate – Distance e-Learning K2,500.00 per Course/Subject K3,500.00 per Semester/Subject
Mandatory Fees
Examination Fees K50.00 per Course/Subject K110.00 per Semester
Library Fees K50.00 Per Semester K75.00 per Semester
ICT Services Fees K100.00 per Semester K125.00 per Semester
Student Council Fees K50.00 per Semester K50.00 per Semester
Registration Fees K50.00 per Registration Period K70.00 per Registration Period
Other Fees
Application for Admission Fee (Non-refundable) K120.00 Undergraduate
K220.00 Graduate
K200.00 Undergraduate
K300.00 Graduate
Intent to Registration Fee (Non-refundable) K650.00 Undergraduate
K900.00 Postgraduate
K810.00 Undergraduate
K1110.00 Postgraduate
Accommodation Fee (Optional for DAYStudents Only) K5,500.00 Per Semester K8,925.00 per Semester
Meal Fee (Optional for DAY Students only) K200.00 per Month K365.00 per Month


Payment Process
Follow the payment process below to make your tuition and other fees payment with convenience.


Bank Details:
For more information on deposit procedures and bank account details, click here.


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