2019 Courses Offered in Kyambogo University





This programme is two (2) years, offered during evening and week end. The programme mainly target holders of a Grade III Teachers’ Certificate and/or ‘A’ Level holders with 2 principles passes who are interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in management of educational institutions


The major aim of the programme is to produce graduates with a thorough understanding of the theories and practices of educational planning and management. Thus, be able to make informed professional decisions and ethical practices relating to educational planning and management.

Specific Objectives

By the end of the Programme, the students should be able to: –

  • Make technical and professional informed decisions in educational planning and management – related issues.
  • Apply their technical and professional knowledge, skills, values and orientations acquired to manage people in educational institutions well.
  • Synchronise educational planning and management concepts and principles for purposes of realizing institutional efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate competence in performing jobs related to educational planning and management.
  • Apply both theoretical and practical skills for better performance in management of their institutions.
  • Demonstrate skills of financial management in their institutions
  • Exhibit academic and professional knowledge and skills in work related to educational planning and management.
  • Recognise the importance of placing emphasis on educational planning in the country’s education system.


Courses taught include:

Year  1
Semester 1

  • Principles of Management
  • Institutional Management
  • Fundamentals of Educational Planning
  • Human Resource Management

Semester 2

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Computer Skills
  • Records Management

Year 2
Semester 1

  • Management Ethics
  • Action Research
  • Educational Policy Studies
  • Educational Leadership

Semester 2

Change Management

Project Planning and Management


Project Report

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Master of  Education in Policy, Planning & Management

Department of Education Planning and Management

Email: educmgt@kyu.ac.ug

Master of  Education in Policy, Planning & Management

This programme is two (2) years, offered during evening and week end. The programme mainly target holders of a Bachelor degree in Education with specialisation in different areas.


The major aim of the programme is to produce graduates who are well grounded and competent in the theory and practice of educational management, policy and planning.

Specific Objectives

By the end of the Programme, the students should be able to: –

  • Make linkage between policies and education management systems.
  • Interpret and implement educational policies.
  • Carry out research for educational development.
  • Use the skills of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools in education.
  • Use the programme as a basis for further studies.

Courses taught include:

Year  1
Semester 1

  • Theory of Management
  • Management of Educational Institutions and Quality Assurance
  • Research in Education
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Educational Planning

Semester 2

  • Curriculum Management and Instructional Supervision
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Research Methodology and Data Analysis in Education
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management in Education

Year 2
Semester 1

  • Comparative International Development in Education
  • Policy Formulation, Analysis and Implementation
  • Student Affairs Planning and Management

Semester 2

  • Research Proposal and Dissertation
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PhD in Education (Educational Planning & Management-Specialisation)

Department of Education Planning and Management

Email: educmgt@kyu.ac.ug

PhD in Education (Educational Planning & Management-Specialisation)

This programme is three (3) years and is delivered in two modes i.e. by thesis alone or as taught programme that includes both coursework and thesis. The programme mainly target holders of Master of Education degree with specialisation in different education related areas.


The chief aim of this programme is to produce education experts who will lead the country in areas of education research, policy initiation, programme development and education quality assurance.

Specific Objectives

By the end of the Programme, the PhD Education students should be able to: –

  • Apply relevant educational concepts, knowledge and skills for purposes of teaching and management of any educational programme.
  • Provide leadership in the development quality educational activities, and methodologies to improve the general quality of learning in the country.
  • Supervise, mentor, guide and counsel education professionals under their guidance.
  • Demonstrate positive attitudes towards education and the teaching profession.
  • Carry out Educational Research for purposes of improving teaching and learning and Education in general.
  • Work with communities to promote access to quality education.

Courses taught include:

Year  1
Semester 1

  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Philosophical Methods
  • Computer Application in Research
  • Education Administration: Theory & Practice
  • Policy Studies and Evaluation

Semester 2

  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Scholarly writing, Presentation and Publication
  • Implementation Science
  • Advanced Educational Planning
  • Advanced Human Resource Management

Year 2
Semester 1

  • Research Proposal Writing

Semester 2

  • Data Collection

Year 3
Semester 1

  • Data Analysis & Thesis writing

Semester 2

  • Thesis submission and examination
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Foundation of Education Programmes

Department of Foundation of Education


Academic Programmes

The department houses the following programmes:

1)    Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). This programme targets trainee who possess at least a first Degree in Arts, Sciences or Vocational Studies and would wish to advance their career through Pedagogy in teaching most especially at Secondary and Tertiary level.
2)     Bachelor of Education (B.ED): This program targets students who have a Diploma in Education Secondary (DES), Diploma in Education Primary (DEP/DEPE), Diploma in Teacher Education (DTE) and Diploma in Special Needs Education (DSNE).

At the Faculty level, the Department also coordinates the teaching of all Professional Studies (PS) Courses in Education, and the review of Academic Programmes in the relevant disciplines.

Service to other Departments/Faculties

The Department also services programmes tenable in other Departments and Faculties at Diploma, Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels. These include:

  • Masters in Vocational Pedagogy (MVP)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Teacher Education (PGDTE)
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education (B.A Education)
  • Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Agriculture with Education
  • Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Home Economics with Education
  • Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Business Studies with Education
  • Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Technological Studies with Education
  • Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Art and Design with Education
  • Bachelor of Science with Education (B Sc. Ed)
  • Bachelor of Teacher Education (BTE)
  • Bachelor of Education (Open Distance and E-Learning -ODeL)
  • Diploma in Education Primary External (DEPE)
  • Diploma in Education Secondary.
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1. Dr. Benon Tugume PhD (Mak)  The African          Novel; Special Author ( Wole Soyinka;  Introduction to Literature  Full-time
2. Dr. Sr. Frances A. Nakiwala PhD :  Shakespeare ; Drama; Classical Literature Full-time
3. Dr. Dorothy Atuhura PhD: Literature and Gender Studies, Oral Literature Full-Time
4. Ms. Elizabeth Asiimwe MA (Mak): Classical and Neo-classical criticism; Oral literature; Language and style Full-time
5. Mr. Ochieng Cassian M.ED:  Literature Teaching Methodology; The Short story. Full-time
6. Dr. Patrick Mukakanya PhD (Alberta) The novel; Modern Critical Approaches; Part-time
7. Mrs. Constance Hab’Ilyalemye M.ED (Mak):  Assessment in Literature; Literature Teaching Methodology Part-time
8. Mr. Eria Ntogoga Kamugisha MA (Mak) Later Critics; Creative writing; Part-time
9. Ms. Julian Namiyingo MA (KYU): Poetry; Research methods Part-time


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Department of Literature


Email: literature@kyu.ac.ug


The Literature Department of Kyambogo University was a part of a complex department known as Languages and Literature. In 2007, a split up took place and Literature became an independent department. The department has a long literary tradition that has produced many scholars: Professor Taban lo Lyong, the late Erivania Zirimu, Gerald Matovu, Lubwa Pchong, Okot p Bitek, etc, all of whom have excelled in Literature and made great careers and produced everlasting literary records for mother Uganda and the universe.

The department has many strengths: first, is the strong heritage of teacher education. Owing to the cited heritage, there has been a great and steady demand for literature and English teachers of Kyambogo University. Second, our graduates can teach both O and A- levels of secondary schools. Third, majority of our students teachers get placed as soon as they graduate: finally, the department has highly qualified, committed and civil staff.

Vision of the department:

To be a department that fosters literary knowledge and production for the well being of humanity

Mission of the department:

To develop a literary culture through teaching, performing, researching and publishing

Objectives of the department

  • To revitalize literature in schools and in society
  • To build up capacity by training young literary scholars and by encouraging serving staff to upgrade.
  • To increase student enrollment
  • To make literature correspond to market demands
  • To research, write and publish


  • The Department hosted a international Conference of Crossing Borders Sponsored by the British Council 2005
  • The department hosted a Pen Conference in 2008
  • A Second year Class of 2000 staged a play Lysistrata, directed by Mr. Kamugisha
  • Second year Class of 2005/6 presented a Stage Play “They Are All Children” at the National Theatre : (The play was written and directed by Dr. Frances A. Nakiwala)
  • A second year Class of 2008/9 staged a play directed by Dr. Frances A. Nakiwala. The  play was video taped by Uganda Film Association


  • The department plans to revive a traveling theatre
  • To revive Nanga, a departmental literature magazine
  • To secure housing for its graduate students
  • To establish a resource centre: a complex with studios and theatres
  • To recruit more staff for teaching both undergraduate and graduate programmes
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History staff

Department of History and Political Education

Email: history@kyu.ac.ug



Full Time
1 Dr. N. Sewanyana Senkomago Male Full-time
2 Dr. C.B. Adupa Male BA/EDUC(MUK)

MA(MUK), Ph.D (Indiana )

3 Mr. Magezi James Male BA(MUK), PGDE (MUK), MA(MUK) (candidate Ph.D) Full-time
4 D. Ndawula Male BA/EDUC(MUK), MA (MUK) Full-time
5 Ms. F.Ojok Female BA, MA Full-time
6 Mr. Y. Ogola Male BA,Dip.EDUC MA (MUK) (Candidate Ph.D) Full-time
7 Mr. A. Onyango Male Full-time
8 Mr. John A. Okoboi Male BA/EDUC(MUK) Full-time
9 Mr. R. Kaddu Male BA (MUK), M.A(Brunel) Full-time

Ms. Scovia Magara Female BA (MUK)


11 Mr. Kanyamurwa John Mary Male MA, (PS,PA), BA(SS) Full-Time
12  Mr. Tabaro Robert Male MA, (PA), BA (SS) Full-time
13  Ms. Nabukeera Madinah Female MA, (PS,PA) Full-time
14 Ms. Nabukenya Sauda Female BA/ED, MA Full-Time
15 Ms. Jepkemboi Anne Female BA/ED CUEA (Nairobi)

MA (candidate) (KYU)

16 Mr. Okware J.B Male BA/ED,(MUK), MA (candidate) (KYU) Full-Time
17 Ms. Nakakuta Salma Female BA/ED (MUK), MA (KYU) Full-Time
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History Programmes

Department of History and Political Education

Email: history@kyu.ac.ug



HS 111

HS 113

History of East Africa from earliest times up to 1880

History of East Africa from the earliest times up to 1880



HS 112

HS 114

History of Africa from the earliest times up to 1880

History of Africa from the earliest times to 1880



HS 211 History of Uganda From the earliest times up to 1900(CORE) BA/EDUC, BA/A
HS 212 History of Europe 1789  1918(CORE) BA/EDUC, BA/A
HS 213 History of Central Africa from earliest times up to 1880 (Elective) BA/EDUC, BA/A
HS 214 Imperialism in the 3rdWorld since Mercantalist era up to 1938 (elective) BA/EDUC, BA/A
HS 219 (a) History of Political ideas(elective) BA/EDUC, BAA
HS 219 (b) History of the Middle East from earliest times up to 1918 (elective) BA/EDUC, BA/A


HS 311 African Nationalism 1900-1963 (Core) BA/EDUC, BAA
HS 312 History Teaching Methods II BA/EDUC
HS 313 History of West Africa from the earliest times up to 1880 (Elective) BA/EDUC, BA/A
HS 314 History of Southern Africa 1652-1902 (Elective) BA/EDUC, BA/A
HS 315 History of United States of America from earliest times up to 1861 (Elective) BA/EDUC, BA/A
HS 316 World Affairs since 1945 (Elective) BA/EDUC, BA/A
HS 317 Socio-economic transformation of East Africa 1800-1918 (Elective) BA/A
HS 111 History of Uganda from earliest times up to 1900 BED
HS 112 History of Europe 1789-1918 BED
HS 211 African Nationalism 1900-1963 (Core) BED
HS 213 History of West Africa from earliest times up to 1880 (Elective) BED
HS 214 History of Southern Africa 1652-1902 BED
HS 611 Philosophy of History MA
HS 612 History Research Methodology  MA
HS613 Historiography of Africa since 1880 MA
HS614 Economic history of Africa 1800-1880 MA
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Lecturers in the Department



Name Qualification
Dr. Ali Baguwemu (HOD) PhD, M.Ed. Dip. Ed (SNE) /
Dr. Deborah Ojiambo PhD Counseling, M.A Counseling
Dr. Olema David B.A/Educ., MED, PhD (MUK)
Dr. Tumwebaze Kalistus PhD, MED Psychology, B.A/Educ. (MUK)
Mr. Abiru Egeju MSc.( Psychology), BSC (Psychology)
Mr. Akolong Samuel BA, M.A Psychology
Mr. Atuhairwe Richard BASS, KYU
Mr. Barugahare Vincent BGC , KYU
Mr. Bunoti Sarah MSc. B.Sc. Dip (TE) Grade III (PhD Candidate)
Mr. Byamugisha Gastone M.A (Counselling) BSc, PGDE
Associate Professor. Kagaari James PhD, M. Organizational Psy, B.Arts in Social Sciences.
Mr. Kambaza Stephen MSc. BSC. Dip in Computer Science
Mr. Kasozi Simon Peter MSc. Clinical Psychology
Mr. Kavuma David M.A Counselling, B.A (PS)
Mr. Kibedi Henry PhD, M. Organizational Psy, B.Arts in Social Sciences.
Mr. Kirabo Nkambwe Nakasiita BSc/Ed , MUK
Mr. Mayengo Nathaniel M.Ed. BA/ED
Mr. Ntare Rutondoki Dip. Ed. B.Ed. M.Ed, Cert. in distance Learning
Mr. Obace Alfred MA. Counseling 2012 BACE KYU, DGC KYU
Mr. Ojok Gerald BACE 2nd Upper KYU
Mr. Ouno John MED, BED,Dip, Ed (TE)
Mr. S.S. Auma-Okumu M.Ed, BA/ED. Cert Distance Learning, Cert in Librarianship
Mr. Semakula Paul Dip. Ed(T.E), Grade III, BA, M.A (Psychology)
Mr. Ssemwanga Sadat M. Finance & Accounting BSc. Finance
Mr. Wandera Robert MED Psychology  MUK, BSc/Ed (MUK)
Ms. Biribonwa Kyosaba Winnie M.A Counselling UCU, BGC , KYU
Ms. Lamunu Christine MED Psychology  (MUK), B.A/Ed  (MUK)
Ms. Nakoma Faridah Student MSc. Clinical Psychology MUK, BGC  KYU
Ms. Namugenyi Masitula B. A/Educ. MA Counseling
Ms. Namusoke Jane BA/Ed. M.A (Counselling)
Ms. Nansubuga Bernadette B.A/Arts, M.A Organizational Psychology (MUK)
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Planning Management Staff

Department of Education Planning and Management

Email: educmgt@kyu.ac.ug


Name                                                      Qualifications                                                                                 Status

Full Time

Dr. Kasule George Wilson                        PhD , MSC.HRME (MAK), BED (MAK), DIP EDUC. (ITEK)              Head of Department/ Lecturer

Okongo Wilberforce                                  PhD (Candidate), (MAK), MED MGT, B.Ed, Dip Educ.                     Lecturer

Owino Philip                                             MBA (ACC. & FIN.), B.Ed, Dip. Educ.                                                Lecturer/Coordinator Masters Programme

Mukwenda Hilary                                      PhD (Candidate), (MAK), M.A Educ. Mgt. (MAK),                             Lecturer

B.Ph. (MAK) Dip. Ph. (KIT) PGDE in Educ.    MAK.

Rutagarukayo David                                 M.A. Educ. Mgt (MAK), B.ED. (MUK), Dip. in Education                   Lecturer

Rwakijuma Komba Leticia                         M.A (Ed.). (Dar), BA Ed. (Dar)                                                          Lecturer

Nabawanuka Pheobe                                M.A Educ. Mgt (MAK), B.A. Educ. (MAK),                                         Assistant Lecturer

Rwothumio Joseph                                   MSC.HRME (MAK), B.Ed, Dip. Educ                                                 Asst. Lecture/Coordinator Undergraduate Programme

Gumisiriza Eliab                                       M.A (Educ.) Univ. of London, B.ED (Hons), (MAK),  

                                                                  Ac. Dip. Educ. Univ. of London                                                              Senior Lecturer

Mbabazi Edith                                           PhD (Student), M.A. (PA) M.ED (MAK),

BA/Dip. Educ. (MAK), Cert. Distance Education                                   Lecturer

Dr. Naluwemba Frances                           Ph.D in Educ. Policy & Admn.                                                             Lecturer

Part Time

Dr. Kamukama Wilberforce                       Ph.D in Educ. Policy & Admn. M.Phil.                                                Lecturer

Bagonza Godfrey                                     MED, MA ECON, PGDE, B.Theo                                                        Lecturer

Dr. Bakibinga Florence Sajjabi                  Ph.D Educ. Mgt.                                                                                 Lecturer

Dr. Sr. Kaahwa Mary Gorreti                     Ph.D, M.A (USA), B.Ed, Dip. Educ. (MUK)                                         Senior Lecturer

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The department offers 2 post graduate programmes:
Masters in Literature: The department offers the following courses of Literature:

  • Research Methodology, Classical Literature (Greek, Roman and Hebrew literature)
  • Oral Literature, American Literature, European: various centuries: the novel (from 18th to 21st century), Poetry( from Beowulf to 21st century), Drama from medieval to present, African Literature: (the novel, poetry and drama)
  • Production of work in written and filmic media, editorial work, theory, etc, Uganda literature, Advanced literary Theory, Special Author: William Shakespeare, Bernard Shaw and John Donne, Gender issues in African Literature, Literature on Film.

Post Graduate Diploma in Education/Literature and English Language;
Theories of Literature Teaching, Literature Teaching Methods at a secondary school as well as Designing Literature Curriculum and Course.
Bachelor of Arts with Education/
The students on this course are pre-service teachers. They are offered a variety of 29 courses:
Introduction to Literature, Language and Style, The Short Story, Ugandan Literature, Oral Literature, Elements of Poetry, Classical Literature, Area Literature (American, South Africa, Europe, Asia, Arabia, West Africa and Caribbean, European Novel in Translation, Children’s Literature, Literary Theory I (Neo-Classical), Elements of Drama, Literature Teaching Methods, The Essay, The novel :Elements and Scope, Literary Theory II, Curriculum and Course Design, Changing Patterns in Drama, Period Literature, Research Methods, Literary Theory III African Literature, Trends and Patterns in the Novel, Creative Writing, Literature Materials Production and Assessment, Research Project, Literature and Film

Bachelor of Education: These are in-service teachers who wish to upgrade from a diploma in teacher Education. They are offered the same coursed as Bachelor of Arts with Education.

Bachelor of Arts in Arts This category consists of students who are not trained as Literature professionals. They offer the same courses as the teachers and up-graders except the professional courses like teaching and assessment methods.

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Department Of History

Department of History and Political Education

Email: history@kyu.ac.ug


Excecutive Summary

History department is among the old departments that exist in Kyambogo University. It acquired its present status in 1993 upon approval of the Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK) statute. It was formally established to teach Bachelor of education (BED) degree programmes of Makerere University up to 2003 when it was incorporated into the newly established Kyambogo University which was as a result of the merger of the three former institutions of Institute of teacher education-Kyambogo (ITEK), Uganda polytechnic-Kyambogo (UPK) and Uganda national institute for students with disabilities (UNISE) that it started teaching degree programmes of Kyambogo University. Currently, if offers three programmes namely Bachelor of Arts with Education (BA/ED), Bachelor of Arts in Arts (BAA/A), and Bachelor of Education (BED). The Department also runs a Master in History Programme. It also houses the section of Political Science.


The primary aims of the department are:

  1. Equip learners with adequate content so as to improve their teaching at secondary schools in general and particularly at O and A level.
  2. Assist learners acquire appropriate methods and techniques of teaching the subject at all levels.
  3. Help learners examine and appreciate national and international issues.
  4. Improve learners skills in rational and logical discussion of ideas.
  5. Develop interest in historical research and the use of a variety of source materials.
  6. Make learners develop the desire for continuous self-development through self-motivated learning.


Since its establishment to date it has been headed by the following:

  1. Ms Filda Lanyero Ojok                        1993
  2. Mr. Cyprian Ben Adupa                      1994 -1997
  3. Prof. Kiyaga Mulindwa (RIP)               1998-2000
  4. Dr.Nathan Sewanyana Senkomago    2001-2009
  5. Dr. Cyprian Ben Adupa                        2009 – 2010
  6. Mr. James Wilson Magezi                     2010 – Present


The Programme targets O and A level certificate holders and Mature Age entrants.

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Department of Education Planning and Management

Department of Education Planning and Management

Email: educmgt@kyu.ac.ug

Head of Department’s Welcome

I welcome you to the Department of Educational Planning & Management at Kyambogo University.

The Department of Educational Planning & Management (EPM) is one of the six (06) departments in the Faculty of Education at Kyambogo University. The department is located at the Faculty of Education building, Western End of Kyambogo University campus and it offers PhD, Masters, Post Graduate Diploma, Undergraduate Degree and Diploma programmes in educational administration, management and leadership. The department aims at providing quality education and training in educational administration, management and leadership to a wide spectrum of learners and practitioners by offering both on-and-off campus training programmes. The EPM Department is guided by the desire to maintain cherished values and reputation in training and mentoring men and women who model best practices in education, administration, management and leadership in the education sector at a global level.

The Department of Educational Planning & Management is committed to improving the quality and understanding of in educational administration, management and leadership in Uganda and internationally through high quality teaching, research, professional development and community service. We believe that competent academics never stop learning! Some of the core functions of EPM Department include but not limited to:

  • training educational managers, leaders and researchers who are capable of addressing educational demands and challenges through critical analysis of educational environmental issues; political, economic, societal and technological aspects;
  • producing innovative, transformative and professionally committed educational planners, administrators, managers and leaders;
  • and empowering a team of educational planners, administrators, managers and leaders who are responsible under decentralised educational contexts;
  • providing educational management consultancy services to national, regional and international clients.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community of educational administrators, managers and leaders in your respective capacity. Our academic staff, with unquestionable competence, aims to promote your professional and scholarly growth as a reflective, caring, competent and innovative educational administrator, manager and leader.

To speak with us and learn more about our programs, please call or email our offices. We will provide you with the information you need.

Dr Kasule George Wilson

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ODEL center


Are you in need of Courses Designed To suit Your Lifestyle??

Here is the answer


You are welcome to the ODeL Centre!!

ODeL Centre in Kyambogo University (KyU) was inaugurated in 2007 as an effort of The Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODeL). ODeL refers to Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODeL). It is a Centre in KyU that manages and administers Open, Distance and E-learning.  Courses offered by ODeL are flexible, accessible and cost effective.



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