2019/2020 Admission process for Baobab College, Zambia



Baobab College

Children enter a year group according to their age. Our Early Learning Centre accepts children from age 2, who are toilet trained and not wearing nappies. Children move into Reception at age 4, and Year 1 at age 5. Secondary school starts at age 11 in Year 7.

Our school year starts in mid-August, with term 2 beginning in January and term 3 in April, ending at the end of June. Children may be admitted throughout the school year, subject to the approval of the Heads of School and the Principal.

Entry to the school is conditional on satisfactory completion of the application process. There is an entry assessment, which enables us to understand the current attainment of the child. Parents must submit a satisfactory report from the child’s previous school, where applicable, and must declare all known special educational or medical needs.

Baobab is happy to admit pupils with special needs or disabilities as long as both parents and the school conclude that we can support the child appropriately and that the child has an opportunity to thrive at Baobab College. Our Department for Educational Needs (DEN) provides support for children with special needs and language tuition for children with English as a second language. Children who do not have English as a first language are required to undertake a language proficiency assessment.

Admissions Policy (476KB)

Fees and Debtors Policy (283KB)


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