Baobab College Fees Update 2021/2022

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Baobab College fees for the school year 1st August 2020 – 31st July 2021 have been reduced by 10% for the full school year, in response to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fees are invoiced termly or annually for parents who wish to pay for the full school year. Payments must be made before the start of each term. 45% of annual fees are payable in term 1, 40% in term 2 and 15% in term 3.

For further information regarding the payment fees please enquire with the admissions team or the Finance Manager

Baobab College Fee Schedule 2020-2021

Early Learning Centre $3,721 per year (10% reduction from 2019/2020)

Reception $5,904 per year  (10% reduction from 2019/2020)

Primary Year 1 to Year 6 $8,125 per year  (10% reduction from 2019/2020)

Secondary Year 7 to Year 11 $9,709 per year  (10% reduction from 2019/2020)

Senior College $10,348 per year  (10% reduction from 2019/2020)

Registration (non-refundable) $285 (10% reduction from 2019/2020)

Admission Fee (non-refundable) $945 (10% reduction from 2019/2020)

Refundable Deposit $2,000
(Refundable only if 90 days’ notice of withdrawal is given and no books or equipment are lost or damaged)

Sibling discounts for third and subsequent child are 2.5%. A discount of 5% is available for advance payment of fees for the whole year, and 2% for advance payment of the whole term.


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